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When you add a fire pit to your outdoor living space, you invest a lot of money and hardwork into your project. Sustain the life of your fire pit for years to come with a high quality fire pit cover from Fireside Expressions! 

You may be asking: How important is it, really, to cover my outdoor fire feature? Here are a few great reasons why:

  • Rain, snow, hail, and even the accummulation of autumn leaves can add to the deterioration of your outdoor possessions. Our weather resistant, vinyl covers are an ideal choice for protection. 
  • Covering your outdoor fire feature will help keep your fire glass or lava rock in pristine shape.
  • We have an assortment of sizes to fit your outdoor fire feature at affordable prices!

Our fire pit covers are very easy to place and remove from outdoor fire features. Please make sure you are selecting the right size cover for your fire feature. It is best to err on getting a cover that is "too large." Here are some examples for choosing the appropriate size:

  • We have a couple of different round-style covers -
    • If your round fire feature is 45" wide and you are selecting a cover that offers options in a "range of sizes", choose the 35" to 53" size, so that you don't risk damaging it during placement and removal. 
    • If your round fire feature is 32" wide and you are selecting a cover that offers "size specific" options, choose the size that is slightly larger than your fire feature to avoid damaging it during placement and removal.
  • Square and rectangular covers are pretty true-to-size specifications. However, if the measurements of your fire feature are "iffy", contact one of our knowledgeable customer service professionals to help you find the right size.

Always remember to make sure your fire feature is completely cool before you put your cover on! Your vinyl cover will melt to your fire feature if it has not had time to cool off.

Our knowledgeable customer service professionals are glad to offer assistance! Call 1-888-986-1535 with any questions you may have!