10 Piece driftwood log set

Every log is designed for 360 degree viewing! 

10 Piece 30 Inch Driftwood Fire Pit Log Stack

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Are you longing for those nights underneath the stars with your toes buried in the sand, laughing with loved ones as you gather around a stack of smouldering driftwood? Bring those sentiments to your backyard with this 10 piece driftwood log set! Each piece is hand painted to look as though it has been exposed to many years of tide and wind, boasting that rippled pattern that we all know so well. Every time you place this driftwood stack atop your outdoor fire pit, you'll swear you can hear the swell of the waves against the shore!

These gas logs REQUIRE a burner and volcanic ash to use. The burner sets off the flames on your logs, and the volcanic ash serves as diffuser to the flame which increases the life of the logs. Direct flame straight out of the burner impinging onto the logs will break the cement-like bonding that keeps the logs intact during normal use. .

PLEASE NOTE: The diameter of this log set is for the outer edge of the log set -- your burner pan or fire pit opening should be 3"- 6" more.

  • 10 Individual Piece Driftwood Log Set 
Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane 
Material: Re-factory Cement
Diameter:  30" minimum
Weight: 79 Pounds (Log Set)
Burner: 30" Fire Pit Burner (NOT INCLUDED)
Volcanic Ash:  42.5 Pounds Recommend (NOT INCLUDED)
Features & Benefits: 
  • Hand applied color is applied in a multi step process that recreates the randomness and complexity of color that is found in real wood
  • One long log piece forms the base providing support and allowing you to stack your own configuration
  • Made from ceramic bonded refractory concrete material and steel rod reinforced.
  • Can be used with natural gas or propane.
  • Specifically designed for outdoor use.
Important Information:
  • Burner MUST be installed with the holes pointed downward for better flame dispersion and to avoid the burner filling up from rain, which will decrease the life of the burner.
  • Burner NEEDS to be covered with volcanic ash from about 1" below the bottom of the burner to 1"- 2" above the top surface. 
  • DO NOT use lave rock or fire glass.
  • Disregarding manufactures usage recommendation can lead to stress cracks in the fire pit logs and voiding the warranty.

Estimated Lead Time

Item will ship within 10-15 business days of placing your order.  

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Last updated on October 6th 2017.

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