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18 inch manifold with the fire on water ignition system

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18 Inch Round Fire on Water Manifold With Ignition

Multiple set up options for your convenience, the SUBIES and the AFOW, check out the diagrams listed on the product to get more information.

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Our 18 inch fire on water manifold with ignition system will create a stunning feature of flames dancing on water! Our Submersible (SUBIES) and Automated Fire on Water (AFOW) ignition systems are top of the line and are one of our top sellers for the 2016 season. The way this work is that the ignition systems will push the gas through the manifold and create gas bubbles. The igniter will then ignite the gas bubbles on fire creating the fire on water feature you are trying to achieve. The difference in the two ignition systems is that the SUBIES has a sealed electronic valve system that is designed to be submerged under water. It is also easy to install. The AFOW is not sealed so therefore it needs to be placed outside of the water. When you order the AFOW you will receive the pilot igniter wire as well as the gas line. You can order up to 20 feet.

    • 18" Round Fire On Water Manifold
    • Submersible Electronic Ignition System

Uses a special electronically-controlled valve that is sealed against water leakage so that it can be directly installed in a water feature, although the feature must be deep enough for the control box and the manifold. Great for water bowls that are mounted on the ground or in areas with limited access to the plumbing, they generally require more maintenance and cannot be used in saltwater environments.

  • AFOW
    • 18" Round Fire On Water Manifold
    • Automated Fire on Water Ignition System
    • Up to 20 Feet of Pilot Wire and Gas Lines

Uses an electronically-controlled valve that sits outside of the fire feature. Generally installed before the gas line feeds into the bowl, AFOW systems are not waterproof and not rated for submersion. These systems are used in features that aren't deep enough for a SUBEIS and a submersible gas manifold. The outside-of-the-feature nature of this valve system also makes it easier to access for maintenance or replacement. You will have to choose an ignition wire that is long enough to run through the feature, and to the igniter on top of the water.

Watch the Submersible Electronic Ignition System in action!

Manifold Diameter: 18 Inches
BTU: 120,000 Max
Required PSI: 0.5 PSI
Material: #316 Stainless Steel (Manifold)
Voltage: 24 VAC
Min Water Depth: 6 Inches
Features & Benefits:
  • Stainless steel design of SUBEIS is rated for fresh water use.
  • Electronic ignition system controls the pilot light and gas flow.
  • If the flame goes out due to weather, the system will try to relight 3-4 times. If unsuccessful, the unit will automatically shut down.

Estimated Lead Time

Usually ships within 10-15 business days.

Warranty Information

All electronic ignition systems are warranted for (1) year with a limited warranty for (2) years. This warranty does not cover labor costs. Problems in the functioning of the systems due to gas plumbing or electrical installed by others are not covered under this warranty. Fireside Xpressions is not responsible for the cost of labor incurred for replacing a system purchased at the discounted rate.

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Last updated on November 6th 2017.

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