22" Stainless Steel Outdoor Grate

Proctect your fireplace or fire pit enclosure by burning wood up off the ground!

22 Inch Outdoor Fireplace Grate

Complete your fireplace with this 22" Stainless Steel log grate. Your wood logs will be securely cradled in solid 5/8" welded bars. Each bar is made completely of 304 stainless steel, making it the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

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Looking for a way to keep your firewood up off the damp ground? Maybe you'd like your fire to burn a little warmer and longer? Fireside Expressions has a 22 inch outdoor fireplace grate that can get the job done! When you elevate your firelogs, a few things happen: Wood stays dry as it is cradled on top of the grate. Air now has a pathway to flow within your fire feature, creating more warmth for the fire to burn efficiently. Finally, wood burns from the bottom up and leaves a bed of glowing coals underneath the grate - which is terrific for roasting marshmallows or foil-wrapped potatoes!

Our durable stainless steel grates are built to last through all kinds of weather conditions. Remember to store and properly maintain your grate to keep it looking like new! Our team of experts can help you with any questions you may have. Just call 1-888-986-1535!


  • One stainless steel outdoor grate 22 Inch


Front Width: 22 Inches 
Back Width: 16 Inches
Height: 8.5 Inches
Depth: 16.25 Inches 
Weight: 19 Pounds
Additional Info: 6 bars across the grate
Features & Benefits:
  • Made from #304 stainless steel, so it has been made to withstand high temps as well as endure the outdoor elements. Of course proper maintenance is required. 
  • Superior welding techniques, making it durable.
  • 4" Clearance 
  • Lifetime Warranty!

Estimated Lead Time

Ships from warehouse in 3-5 buisness days. 

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Last updated on August 24th 2017.

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