Vibrant 50" Concrete Round Fire Bowl in Terra Clay

Why do I need to call for a shipping qutoe?

Shipping rates differ greatly due to your distance from the production facility, how many bowls you are ordering, and the size of the bowl.

By calling us at 1-888-986-1535 to get a custom quote, we can get you the absolute best value available on any of our pre-cast concrete bowls.

50 Inch Round Vibrant Color Natural Gas Concrete Fire Bowl

Acid stains are not opaque and will not fully cover the integral color of the bowl.
Terra Clay acid stain Mission Tan acid stain Charcoal Brown acid stain Weathered Onyx acid stain Liberty Rust acid stain Cayman Blue acid stain Saint Augustine acid stain Avocado acid stain
Click on " View Option" to see Lava Rock.
This amount is enough to cover the top 2 inches of your fire bowl IN ADDITION TO the recommended 50 pounds of lava rock filler. The fire glass colors shown online may differ slightly from the actual product appearance.
Dark Blue Fire Glass Teal Fire Glass White Fire Glass Red Fire Glass Reflective Black Fire Glass Reflective Clear Glass Copper Reflective Fire Glass Reflective Green Fire Glass
Price in points: 114800 points
  • Installation & Owner's Manual


Our 50" vibrant concrete fire bowl is going to be the perfect enhancement to your outdoor space this season! This gorgeous creation comes in a variety of intense color options to match any décor. The combination of raw and proprietary materials produces a strong result that is resistant to Mother Nature's elements. What makes this piece even more incredible is that it is quite affordable, given its extraordinary size! 

Each of our pre-cast fire bowls undergoes a wet casting procedure that results in a high-quality fire bowl with an appeal that cannot be matched! American artisans harmonize the Natural Gray integral color into a concrete mixture so that the base shade is present throughout the bowl.  

Next, it's time to really show some character by adding a little distinctiveness to your bowl with an acid stain (main picture shown in Terra Clay)! This technique enriches the fire bowl's surface with a marbled appearance. Due to the fact that each bowl is hand-crafted, the color and texture may vary slightly from one bowl to the next. This also means that each bowl "reacts" to an acid stain by producing its own individual pattern! Pick from eight vibrant tones to really draw attention to your Natural Gray fire bowl!  Fireside Expressions recommends finalizing your feature with a clear sealer to bring out the eye-popping brilliance of the stain (sealer not included).    

You'll look forward to gathering around your 50" vibrant feature to relax and stay warm by the fire! The outdoor team here at Fireside Expressions is always happy to answer your questions about installation requirements for your new backyard fire bowl centerpiece!

*Acid s
tains can only be placed over the Natural Gray integral color. Acid stains are not opaque; therefore, they will not fully cover the integral shade of the bowl. Acid stains applied over a pigmented color other than Natural Gray will vary from the pictures shown. 

*This fire bowl weighs 625 pounds. Make sure you are assembling it in an area that can bear the extreme weight. It will probably require some sort of a foundation to ensure a sturdy support. Please do not plan on placing this feature on a deck, for example.

*We highly suggest having additional help when maneuvering this product to the determined spot in your backyard. A pallet jack may be required.

  • 43" Round Fire Pit Burner Kit (Electronic) w/ Remote

This unique hot surface ignition comes with a handy remote for easy on and off operation of your burner! The round stainless steel bowl is 2.5 inches deep and has a 1.3-inch rim. Fueled by natural gas, the 36-inch penta star burner delivers a profound 400,000 BTUs! The kit comes with a state-of-the-art system that monitors the presence of flames and automatically shuts down if the fire is extinguished due to breezy conditions. Fully assembled and ready for your certified gas professional to install! Remote included! This kit needs at least a 2-inch clearance underneath for the ignition system and connections. It also requires a hard pipe, fittings, and an enclosure with an access door for the gas valve. Please remember to check with your local code enforcement agency regarding the use of fire features in your area.

  • Steel Mesh Lath For Use With Fire GlassFire Glass & Lava RockPlease read carefully before making the decision to use these fire features in your outdoor area!

Your concrete fire bowl will only be complete when you select your choice of fire media. Fire glass can be used with natural gas burning features ONLY. Fireside Expressions is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers. Choose from a variety of bold reflective glass colors to accent the shade of your natural gas concrete bowl. When the fire is lit, it will look like it is shimmering on ice! 

In order to keep your fire glass above the level of your burner ring and pilot assembly, we recommend placing steel metal lath over your setup. This will keep your fire glass suspended over the assembly and prevent it from falling down into the lava rock. Steel mesh lath can be acquired at your local hardward store and usually comes in 27 inch x 8 inch sheets that can be cut to size. Please on the infographic for an example.


Acid stains are not opaque; they are simply a surface enhancement. Therefore, they will not fully cover the integral shade of the bowl. Acid stains applied over a pigmented color will vary from the pictures shown. We recommend placing a stain over the Natural Gray integral shade ONLY

In freeze-thaw areas, sealers must be applied to the pre-cast fire bowl in order to maintain the warranty.

  • Click here to learn how to clean and care for this concrete product.
  • Click here for important information regarding the concrete bowls. Please read carefully before making the decision to use these fire features in your outdoor area!

The fire glass colors shown online may differ slightly from the actual product appearance.

Please check with your local government agency regarding laws and regulations on outdoor fire features. Due to the fact that we custom make every concrete fire bowl, we cannot accept returns based on ordinance code restrictions.

Bowl Top Diameter: 50 Inches
Bowl Base Diameter: 20 Inches
Bowl Thickness: 2-1/2 Inches
Bowl Height: 23 Inches
Bowl Weight: 625 Pounds
Bowl Capacity: Approximately 1 Cubic Foot
Bowl Material: Pre-Cast Proprietary Concrete
Lava Rock Needed: 50 Pounds
2" Of Fire Glass Needed: 175 Pounds
Burner: 43" Electronic Fire Pit Bowl w/ 36" Penta Star Burner & Remote
BTUs: 400,000
Features & Benefits:
  • Created from a proprietary blend of both natural and sustainable raw materials for a concrete mix that is designed to be extremely durable and lightweight!
  • Strong enough to withstand everyday use and extreme environmental conditions. 
  • A 2" hole is drilled in the bottom of the bowl to accommodate gas lines.
  • Contrary to belief, these concrete fire bowls are not painted. Color is integrated with the concrete mixture during the hand-pouring process. This means that the shade of any bowl (the Integral Color) will be consistent, even if the bowl is chipped. (Remember: acid stains are a surface enhancement ONLY. In this case if the bowl chips, the integral color will show through in this area.)
  • Choose from eight vibrant acid tones to enhance the look of your Natural Gray fire bowl. 
  • Because our products are made by the hands of American artisans, slight variations in color, size, and texture may vary between bowls. However, this is what makes each piece unique!

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Estimated Lead Time

Pre-cast concrete fire bowls are usually in stock and ship within 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.

Please allow us an additional 1-2 weeks of production plus shipping for any custom-made products.

Freight Shipping Information


  • This product must ship LTL freight and a signature is required for delivery.
  • Please be sure to inspect the all freight shipments carefully and note any damages or missing items on the delivery receipt.
    • In the event of possible concealed damage, customers MUST write "Pending Inspection" next to their signature on the delivery receipt.
    • Failure to write "Pending Inspection" on the delivery receipt will bar the customer from recovery for undiscovered/concealed damage, after the fact.
  • All deliveries will be common carrier "Curbside Delivery."
    • "Curbside Delivery" provides delivery made to curb at the end of the driveway.
    • It is not the driver's responsibility to bring freight into the house, garage, etc.
  • Drivers do not assist with unpacking, set-up or clean up.

Shipping Disclaimer

Limitations and restrictions on our standard shipping policy regarding LARGER and IRREGULAR-SHAPED items are as follows:
  • Freight shipping is restricted to certain types of standard business addresses or to the motor freight carrier's normal delivery terminal for Customer pick-up at the terminal. A business out of the home is considered to be a residential address and may be subject to lift gate and/or curbside charges. Public schools, fire stations, farms and churches are also considered to be residential addresses. Deliveries to residential addresses are only made weekdays, generally between 8 AM and 5 PM. Deliveries to businesses or carrier terminals may fall outside this window, based on carrier time tables, queue, or other types of discretion. For residential deliveries: the assigned trucking company will contact the residence 24 hours prior to the date of delivery to confirm that someone is available to sign for the product.
  • Freight shipping to the following locations is UNAVAILABLEUnited States military bases, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico and Canada.
  • Freight charges for the following states are quoted on a case-by-case basis, regardless of the address: Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. This is due to the lack of service available and delivery fees applicable to these areas. Please contact one of our sales representatives for a special shipping quote that accurately reflects this upcharge. "Free Shipping" may not cover all fees and upcharges. A sales representative will contact you prior to shipment, should any additional delivery fees apply.
  • An additional upcharge may be incurred for shipping to addresses within: Long Island including the Five Boroughs of New York, Northern New England including Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, and other restricted or limited access areas. This is due to the transportation surcharges and/or delivery fees applicable to these areas. Please contact one of our sales representatives for a special shipping quote that accurately reflects this upcharge. "Free Shipping" may not cover all fees and upcharges. A sales representative will contact you prior to shipment, should any additional delivery fees apply.

Warranty Information

  • Operating a concrete bowl with fire.
  • All pre-cast products have a 2 year limited structural warranty. Imperfections are part of the appeal of concrete products. Hairline cracks (1/16" or less) and slight color/texture variations are part of the normal appearance, as well as a result of the natural aging process of this material. The aforementioned will not affect the integrity of the product.
  • Fireside Expressions is not responsible for damage to our products due to vandalism, gross negligence, abnormal wear and tear, acts of nature, misuse of gas burner and fire pit media (lava rocks & fire glass), or failure of supporting structures. Furthermore, these instances are not covered by warranty.
  • In freeze-thaw areas, sealers must be applied to the pre-cast fire bowl in order to maintain the warranty.

Product Question

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information about this product using the New Question tab. Please ONLY SUBMIT product questions. For all other questions go to contact us,


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Last updated on September 22nd 2017.

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