Keeping Up With Fire Bowls

Handcrafted concrete fire bowls have been gaining popularity across the United States, and have even found their way into the backyard space of America's most controversial and prominent family, the Kardashian-Jenners! Discover how this trend-setting group of celebrity fashion icons have incorporated these products into their posh outdoor living space!

Fall In Love With Tiki Torches! sight of unbridled flames against a backdrop of trees and a pastel sunset are intriguing, not to mention dazzling. Truth be told, many of us automatically associate this visual image with some type of tropical setting. While spring and summer are a good couple of months away, this doesn't mean we can't enjoy the outdoors now or at least begin drawing up our blueprints for the ultimate backyard living space! Let's talk about adding an unexpected touch of charm to the winter blahs and start falling in love with tiki torches!

We're Better Than Ever!

Our returning customers will notice some cool and significant updates to the Fireside Expressions website! We've been diligently working to bring all of our patrons an organized, streamlined website with easier navigation tools, simplified product filters, and an eye-pleasing color palette! Check out the better than ever Fireside Expressions and let us help you turn your outdoor living space into the customized landscape of your dreams!

How to install a log lighter in your fire pit

We've got detailed instructions with graphics showing you how to install a gas log lighter into your wood burning fire pit!  You'll never have to mess with stacking kindling into a tee-pee, twisting papers, and considering lighter fluid again once you have installed a liquid propane or natural gas log lighter into your fire pit. With just a twist of a wrist and a tossed in match, flames will engulf your logs and get them burning!

Maintaining your concrete bowl through the winter

You've enjoyed the flames from your concrete fire bowl through the entire summer, but now the temperature is dropping and the weatherman is calling for snow. How do you maintain your concrete fire bowl so it will run beautifully for you next summer, as well? Fireside Expressions is here to help you get your fire bowls, pool scupper bowls, and fire and water bowls ready for a deep winter freeze.

How To Install A Wood Burning Fire Pit

If you're one of the lucky folks who lives in a temperate region during the winter months, that means cooler weather to better enjoy an outdoor fire pit. Luckily, Wood Burning Fire Pits are never going out of style, with the crackling of the wood, the smell of the fire burning at night, and the soft glow, fire pits are here to stay. Waiting until the end of the season doesn’t mean you’re behind on backyard fashion. Let us show you how easy it is to install your own wood burning fire pit!

5 Reasons Fire Glass Is Superior To Wood

Tempered fire glass is a non-toxic alternative to wood, which can give off smoke and ash when ablaze in your fire feature. When you burn with this everlasting and beautiful media, the glass reflects and radiates heat from the fire, without popping or exploding! Opt for a safer, more economic way to enjoy your fire feature!

8 Ways To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Winter

Ready or not, winter is coming! Before that happens, there are a few things that need tidied up in your yard and around your home. Do these 8 things to get your outdoor space ready! If you need assistance preparing for winter, or are just ready to look ahead to spring, visit - your outdoor fire experts.

How Does Fire Glass Work?

The vibrant shades of fire glass add style to any gas fireplace or fire pit. The shiny tempered pieces come in almost every color imaginable, including blue, green, copper, gray, and multi-colored mixes. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fire features! Find out more about our beautiful fire glass, including how to use it and how much you will need for your fire feature!

Luxuries of an Outdoor Electric Fireplace

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, no hassle way to enhance your outdoor entertainment space year round, look no further than an electric fireplace. They’re easy to set up and use LED technology to create a realistic flame, making it a safe and cost effective option. Find out why you should consider adding an Amantii electric fireplace to your backyard!