Bromic Platinum 300 Smart-Heat Gas Heater

Bromic Platinum 300 Gas Heater

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When it comes to outdoor enjoyment during the cooler months, make sure you outfit your patio with a Bromic Platinum 300 gas heater! This smart outdoor model is ideal for those seeking to combining aesthetics and efficiency. Brushed stainless steel gives this heater a polished appearance, while a tinted ceramic medium cuts down on the glare from the heating element. The result is a soft glow that emits plenty of ambiance as well as sufficient air flow within a 120 square foot space!

The Platinum 300 Series gas heater promotes fuel efficiency better than traditional units. Enjoy steady, comfortable heat over a larger area within a short period of time. This model is available in both natural gas or propane options. Push button electric ignition provides for easy operation, and an optional on/off transmitter is available for additional convenience. For the ultimate in safety, the patented ignition systems automatically re-ignites the flame, should it go out for any reason. If a rekindle is not accomplished, the innovative safety shut-off control stops the flow of gas. 

Designed to be mounted to the wall or into your ceiling, this versatile radiant heater suites the placement needs of both residential and commercial settings. Optional ceiling mounts are available in six different heights, allow you to customize your set-up with ease. American craftsmanship and high quality standards have set the bar, and this smart-heat technology is a prime example of excellence. The Bromic Platinum 300 gas heater provides a radiant solution for a many purposes!

PLEASE NOTE: minimum distance to combustible materials on the sides of this heater (with or without a heat deflector) is 3-feet, 6-inches. Heaters WITHOUT deflectors should maintain this same distance from the ceiling. Heaters WITH a deflector can be a minimum distance of 1-foot, 2-inches from the ceiling.




  • Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 300 Series Gas Heater (your choice of natural gas or propane)
  • Universal bracket with easy-pivot arm
Ignition: 110V (push button electric), 3--pin insulated plug
Max. BTUs (LP and NG): 23,600
Approx. Heat Field: 120 sq. ft.
Gas Connection: 3/8" SAE
Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.05" x 15.59" x 14.85"
Weight: 33 lbs
Mounting height to ground: 8 feet minimum
Additional Info:
  • Optional ceiling mounts: suitable for ceiling heights of 10.5', 11.2', 11.8', 12.5', and 13'
    • Mounting height requirement to the ground = 8' minimum
Features & Benefits:
  • Brushed stainless steel housing and slim design.
  • Tinted ceramic emits a soft glow and delivers even heat distribution.
  • Universal bracket and easy-pivot arm allow for ceiling or wall mounts for versatile positioning.
  • Warms up quickly and efficiently, providing directional heat for a 120 square foot space.
  • Wind resistant burners.
  • Available as a natural gas or propane fueled heater.
  • Push button electric ignite from the remote-located switch.
  • Patented technology detects flames presence and automatically atempts re-ignition if the flames goes out. If a rekindle doesn't occur, the safety shut off controls stops the gas flow. 

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