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Looking for tremendous quality and affordability all in one unit? TEC Infrared grills are, without a doubt, the premier products for maximizing your outdoor cooking pleasure! 

TEC Infrared grill heads are easy to mount in your DIY outdoor kitchen or BBQ island. You'll enjoy the ample grilling space and high quality performance of the stainless steel burners. Get the benefit of balanced heat for even, precise cooking every time - no hot or cold spots, guaranteed! For the ultimate cooking experience, choose to accessorize with built-in doors that open into a cabinet for corralling your utensils. Add a pancake griddle, chicken rotisserie, or fryer-steamer (basket included!) for an extension of your culinary capabilities! These stainless steel add-ons will compliment your grill perfectly.

Choose from a variety of built-in sizes, available in natural gas or propane. Please visit our Info Center for a downloadable TEC manuals, as well as answers to TEC frequently asked questions!

For unsurpassed performance, you'll be glad you chose TEC! Give our grill experts a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more information on design specs and tips!