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Copper Pool Bowls at Fireside Expressions

Copper Scupper Bowls

  • Easy to install into your pool's water system!
  • The copper gets a beautiful patina to it as it ages.
  • The rich beauty of the copper makes a beautiful addition to a poolside water feature or to a fountain.
  • Enjoy the sounds of the flowing water as it spills over the side of the bowl.

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Bird baths, spillways, and fountains are just a couple of ideas for using scupper bowls in your outdoor arena. With a simple water line connection, you can enhance your garden, patio, or pool with these tranquil additions. With the option of copper, your water accents will not only be lovely, but resilient as well!

Copper has been used by architects and designers for centuries. It is a weather resistant material that is as attractive as it is durable. As copper is exposed to environmental elements over the years, it begins to develop a beautiful blue-green coating called a patina. This is a naturally-occurring phenomenon that is affected by the area in which you live. This sought-after look is visually appealing and gives the impression of vintage art at its very best.  

Copper scupper bowls are a charming feature that can be easily incorporated into your outdoor area, and Fireside Expressions has a variety for you to choose from.

  • Made in the USA!
  • Stunning smooth copper design.
  • Easy to connect to your pool’s water system through a pre-drilled hole in the bottom of the bowl. A protective sealant around the hole prevents leaking.
  • Water should always be drained from your water features before freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Ideally, this product should be covered during the winter months. 

Please visit our Info Center for a downloadable manual and answers to frequently asked questions about our scupper bowls.

We’d love to help you create a stunning design for your landscape! Remember that our scupper bowls are very heavy! Please call us at 1-888-986-1535 for the best shipping quote possible!