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Fall In Love With Tiki Torches!

Let's talk about adding an unexpected touch of charm to the winter blahs and start falling in love with tiki torches!

 Feb 14, 2017  Outdoor Entertaining, Torches


February is the month of love and romance, and for many of us in the northern hemisphere, it is also another month of snowfall and less than moderate temperatures! This is the time of year when we try to find comfort and positive vibes in all things warm and cozy. While spring and summer are a good couple of months away, this doesn't mean we can't enjoy the outdoors now or at least begin drawing up our blueprints for the ultimate backyard living space! Let's talk about adding an unexpected touch of charm to the winter blahs, and start falling in love with tiki torches!

The sight of unbridled flames against a backdrop of trees and a pastel sunset are intriguing, not to mention dazzling. Truth be told, many of us automatically associate this visual image with some type of tropical setting rather than snow and cold weather. Let's be perfectly honest - how many of us can say we've entertained the thought of incorporating tiki torches into a more rustic setting? Tiki torches in a mix with pine trees and log cabins? Some might say it's a decorating faux pas...we prefer to think of it as inventive, prolific, and totally enamoring! 

In fact, we've discovered that tiki torches are quite popular among the ski resort community. Propane or natural gas fueled options are being strategically placed throughout frequented resorts to highlight cross country trails or a path to the nearest lodge for hot cocoa breaks. 

So how can you use tiki torches in your own yard during the "offseason"? Host a winter wonderland themed party and post these delightful accents next to your front porch to welcome your guests. For those of you who have a patio space with a hot tub, tiki torches add a unique ambiance to the surroundings. If the weather isn't too cold, sneak off to your getaway camp for a weekend rendezvous and dine by the light of torches around your outdoor living space!

Fellas, if you are thinking of proposing to that special someone, make sure you go above and beyond with attention to detail! We love the idea of a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow. And wouldn't it be wonderful if, during the ride, you happened upon a quaint set up of tiki torches? Imagine how that diamond ring will sparkle as it catches the reflection of the soft glowing flames! (Be prepared - we're pretty sure her eyes will be twinkling a lot brighter than the torches after this dreamy presentation!)

Check out our collection of unique tiki torches for all of your outdoor décor needs! Choose the bamboo-inspired style, or opt for one of our elegant tropical designs like the Plumeria Flowers Torch (pictured left). We also offer a variety of shaped torches, such as tulip, cone, and fin. Fireside Expressions' great selection of automated torches are made from durable stainless steel and come in a kit, complete with a pole, vulcan igntion, and burner system. They are weather resistant and guaranteed to last for years of enjoyment. Because they run on gas, you won't have to worry about filling them with tiki oil - just make sure you have some direction when it comes time to connect them to your natural gas line or propane tank.

We wish you happy decorating with these versatile outdoor torches, and remember - we love getting pictures from our satisfied customers!

Last updated on February 14th 2017.


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