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Crossfire Brass Burners, longer lasting, lifetime warranty

Fire and Water Bowls

  • With multiple shapes and sizes available, you are sure to find the perfect bowl for your application!
  • Choose from concrete, copper, or stainless steel. Our cast bowls offer many different finishes and colors! We are sure you will find one to match your outdoor decor.
  • Our Fire on Water Bowls have been our top products for 3 years in a row! 


Fire and water features remind us of an exotic oasis or an ancient spa from Greek or Roman times. Nothing says luxurious like being surrounded by flames shimmering on water! Why not turn your outdoor experience into a blissful getaway with the help of Fireside Expressions? Combine nature’s elements of fire and water to your outdoor living space by choosing from our array of pool fire bowls. The warmth and ambiance of the flames will not be compromised by the tranquil flow of water. The unique design of these bowls also won’t allow water to damage the burner system, giving you peace of mind while enjoying this impressive addition to your landscape.

Let’s talk about décor. You may be thinking: What can I do with these accents if I don’t have a pool? It’s true, these products look amazing when cleverly plotted, creating the illusion of fiery waterfalls feeding your backyard lagoon. However, a pool fire bowl atop a pedestal can create a grand statement for your garden or outdoor entertainment area, as well.

Fireside Expressions offers a variety of choices for your decorating needs:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Fire and Water Bowls:
    • Choose from round or square shapes to match the style of your outdoor domain.
    • Rustic concrete, glistening stainless steel, or lustrous copper fire bowls for pools are resistant to weather and splashes.
    • Scupper design of the bowl routes water away from the fire so you can enjoy both features.
    • Compatible with fire glass or lava rock - we'll help you calculate how much you will need!
  • Fire On Water Features:
    • Already have a pond or outdoor water feature? Make it even more amazing with our in-line or submersible fire on water manifolds!
    • Available in round, linear, and H-shaped sizes - or you can get a fully customized unit! 

REMEMBER: Water should always be drained from your pool fire bowls before freezing temperatures arrive.

Visit our Info Center downloadable manuals and answers to frequently asked questions. Your local gas contractor should hook up your gas line to these products. Of course, our team of professionals is always standing by to help you with ideas, designs, or to answer questions. 

PLEASE NOTE: Fire glass can be used with natural gas burning features ONLY. Fireside Expressions is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers. 

  • Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it will sink to the bottom of your feature. Small pieces of fire glass will not allow propane to circulate, and this can lead to the explosion of this particular media. Even with larger fire glass pieces, there is still not enough room for the gas to dissipate from wind and other factors. Lava rock allows propane to dissipate and is the safest choice for propane features. (In addition, it is always a good idea to incorporate lava rock into the bottom portion of natural gas burning features.)

Put a little adventure and beauty into your outdoor living space with these "hot" commodities! Remember that our pool fire bowls in particular are very heavy! Please call us at 1-888-986-1535 for the best shipping quote possible!

We recommend covering the burner with a layer of cinders/lava rock. These should be 1" diameter or larger. Glass should then be used as a topping over cinders/lava rock to approximately 2” in depth. This helps save material, money, and allows for safer operation.

For Square or Rectangle Shaped Fire Pits

Calculate how much fire glass you'll need for a square fire feature

* You can use other fire media to fill most of the fire pit, then cover the remaining 2" to 4" with fire glass.

(A) Fire Pit Width:  
(B) Fire Pit Depth:  
(C) *Fire Glass Height:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


For Round or Octagon Fire Pits

Calculate how much fire glass you will need for a round fire feature.

* You can use other fire media to fill most of the fire pit, then cover the remaining 2" to 4" with fire glass.

(A) Fire Pit Inner Diameter:  
(B) *Fire Glass Height:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


For Standard Fireboxes

Calculate how much fire glass you'll need for a fireplace.

* 2" to 4" of fire glass is the recommended height for fireplace fireboxes and pan burners.

(A) Firebox Front Width:  
(B) Firebox Rear Width:  
(C) *Fire Glass Height:  
(D) Firebox Depth:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):