Fire Glass Assortment - 25 Pounds

Our fire glass is 100% recycled glass that comes in an array of colors to accessorize your fire pit, fire bowl, or fireplace.  Watch the flames dance across the tumbled glass!

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Dark Blue Fire Glass Teal Fire Glass White Fire Glass Red Fire Glass Reflective Black Fire Glass Reflective Clear Fire Glass Reflective Copper Fire Glass Reflective Green Fire Glass
Price in points: 11500 points
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Create the illusion of wonderment and intrigue by adding Fireside Expressions' Terrazzo fire glass to your outdoor features! Enjoy the sparkling display of "fire and ice" as the flames reflect off these stunning "jewels."

Fireside Expressions' fire glass is tempered, meaning that it is very strong and resistant to shattering under extreme heat. Our Terrazzo glass is made in the USA from 100% recycled glass. It then undergoes a meticulous tumbling process to ensure size and smoothness. This helps the gas from your burner below to flow throughout your entire feature, giving off a very uniform and natural look. It is outdoor approved, non-toxic, and will never leave behind a trace of ash or soot - guaranteed!

Available in all the colors of the rainbow and then some, this beautiful glass does not fade under the elements of Mother Nature, so you can enjoy its vibrancy for years to come! The cut and texture of each individual piece helps to create a definition of beauty that is undefinable. Please visit our Information Center for our fire glass calculator to determine how much lava rock you will need for your fire feature.Give our team of professionals a call with ideas or questions at 1-888-986-1535 today!

  • 25 pounds of Fire Glass - Size 2 (1/4")
  • We do NOT recommend this fire glass for use with propane fire features.
    • Why? These fire glass pieces are 1/2"-1" in size. We recommend you use fire media that is at least 3" in size for propane fire features. Propane is a heavier gas than Natural Gas and needs more ventilation for safety reasons.
Weight: 25 Pounds
Size: Medium
Material: 100% Recycled Glass
Features & Benefits:
  • Made from 100% recycled glass - we are doing our part to help the environment!
  • Glass is tumbled and sorted to make sure the size is consistant throughout the bag of fire glass.
  • Made in the USA - helping to sustain our American economy!
  • Available in an array of gorgeous colors, giving you the opportunity to coordinate with your outdoor living space!

We recommend covering the burner with a layer of cinders/lava rock. These should be 1" diameter or larger. Glass should then be used as a topping over cinders/lava rock to approximately 2” in depth. This helps save material, money, and allows for safer operation.

For Square or Rectangle Shaped Fire Pits

Calculate how much fire glass you'll need for a square fire feature

* You can use other fire media to fill most of the fire pit, then cover the remaining 2" to 4" with fire glass.

(A) Fire Pit Width:  
(B) Fire Pit Depth:  
(C) *Fire Glass Height:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


For Round or Octagon Fire Pits

Calculate how much fire glass you will need for a round fire feature.

* You can use other fire media to fill most of the fire pit, then cover the remaining 2" to 4" with fire glass.

(A) Fire Pit Inner Diameter:  
(B) *Fire Glass Height:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


For Standard Fireboxes

Calculate how much fire glass you'll need for a fireplace.

* 2" to 4" of fire glass is the recommended height for fireplace fireboxes and pan burners.

(A) Firebox Front Width:  
(B) Firebox Rear Width:  
(C) *Fire Glass Height:  
(D) Firebox Depth:  


Total Glass Needed (lbs):


Estimated Lead Time

Leaves our warehouse within 5 business days.

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