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Fire on Water Features for your outdoor living space

Fire on Water Features

  • Two different set ups to choose from so no matter your project we have a SUBIE for you!
  • Sit back and wat the magic as water flows across water in your fire and water feature.
  • Our Fire on Water Features can be custom made from the size even to the shape. Call us today!

Check out our Fire on Water selection below!

Add one of our extremely popular fire on water features to your outdoor living area! These highly sought-after Submersible and Automated Fire on Water (AFOW) Ignition Systems will create a fascinating display of fire frolicking on water. Your guests will be mesmerized by this incredible crowd pleaser and wonder how you managed such a feat! Our systems are uniquely designed to route gas through the manifold and into the water. When the gas reaches the surface, if forms bubbles which are ignited by the pilot light, creating the magnificent presentation of fire on water! The fire is contained to the waterline, which keeps the manifold and inner electronics protected. Consider adding this feature to your DIY garden pond or waterfall, to the top of a fountain, or at the edge of an infinity pool.

Please visit our Info Center for a downloadable manual. Give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more details. And don't worry - we won't say a word about this to your guests...it will be our little secret!