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Our customers spoke, and we listened! Fireside Expressions has a variety of extremely tough, built to last fire pit grates for your outdoor feature! Our endless supply of options will complete your fire pit or wood burning fireplace for sure!

We know that quality and durability are important to our patrons; therefore, we are dedicated to offering you only the best when it comes to performance and manufacturing excellence. We have a variety of hex-shaped and square fire pit grates that have been made right here on United States' soil, by the hands of American welders and fabricators. Our carbon and stainless steel log grates are constructed from strong, rust-resistant, high-caliber metal that is guaranteed to endure harsh outdoor conditions from rain, wind, or fire. Our manufacturing process goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that our metals, coating, and each custom-crafted product can meet the most rigorous quality standards in the industry. This is what American craftsmanship is all about. It's what we believe in. It's what we are committed to. It's what we will offer you.

Our heavy duty outdoor fireplace grates are designed to sustain high temperatures, as well as the environmental elements. Our cradle-style models keep your logs off the ground and allow better air circulation. Coals develop under the grate as the wood burns, producing a hotter fire for staying warm or roasting veggies wrapped in tin foil! Speaking of food, our cooking grates are ideal for showing off your culinary capabilities! Sear your choice of meat to perfection as the smells of the grilling season surrounds you! No matter what type of grate you are looking for, Fireside Expressions has exactly what you need:

  • Choose from a multitude of shapes and sizes.
  • Tough stainless steel or heavy-duty metal construction.
  • Chrome-plated, black powder coat, high-temperature paint, or steel finish varieties available in certain models.
  • Some models offer adjustable, folding, and/or portable, light-weight features.
  • Certain grates offer an optional char guard. 
  • Can't find a big enough size? We have the ability to make you a custom fire pit grate (hexagon or square/rectangular shapes)!

Proper storage and maintenance are required. Our customer service professionals can answer any questions you may have. Call 1-888-986-1535 today and get a sturdy, high-quality American-made grate for your fire pit!


  • These premium-quality grates are manufactured from hi-grade, domestic U.S.A. steel. Our homeland steel industry works hard to promote American jobs, while maintaining an environmentally compliant status. Instead of an inferior, subsidized product that will fail to meet your expectations, you are getting a work of excellence - fabricated by American hands, utilizing materials that meet high standards. The supreme value of these grates is well worth the investment!