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Fireside Expressions offers a wide variety of fire pit rings and brass fire pit burners for your DIY project needs! Whether you need an entire kit to complete your fire feature, or just a new burner to update the look of your fire pit or bowl, we have what you need to create the look you have in mind.

Check out the multitude of options we offer for your particular design:

  • 304-grade Stainless Steel Burner Bundles: everything you need for an easy installation!
    • Complete with flex line, valve, flange key, close nipple, and Teflon tape, as well as an installation manual.
    • Standard or high capacity variations
    • Round (circular) styles 
    • Square shapes
    • Already have the burner? Let us supply you with the flex line, valve components, and tape! 
  • Brass Bullet Burners: enjoy a larger, more natural looking flame while using less gas!
    • Unique spur and penta shapes
    • Linear and "H" styles available
    • Standard or high capacity models
    • With or without flat pan
    • Fully assembled!
  • CrossFire Brass Burners: backed by a lifetime warranty! Produces higher, fuller, brighter flames!
    • Original size fits openings from 18" up to 60"
    • Linear style can be used in a variety of features
    • "H" burner creates two wider, fuller lines of fire
    • Custom options available - send us your design!

Our burners come in a variety of sizes, as well as natural gas or propane options, to accommodate your outdoor fire feature. They are also safe to use with fire glass and lava rock, and we can help you calculate how much media you will need. Give our experts a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more information on our bundles and individual pieces! Visit our Info Center for a downloadable manual

PLEASE NOTE: Fire glass can be used with natural gas burning features ONLY. Fireside Expressions is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers. 

  • Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it will sink to the bottom of your feature. Small pieces of fire glass will not allow propane to circulate, and this could can lead to explosion of this particular media. Even with larger fire glass pieces, there is still not enough room for the gas to dissipate from wind and other factors. Lava rock allows propane to dissipate and is the safest choice for propane features. (In addition, it is always a good idea to incorporate lava rock into the bottom portion of natural gas burning features.)



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