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Modern fire decor makes a sophisticated statement while adding warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Heighten the magic of a starlit evening with a fire table centered in your pergola-style patio. Gather with friends around a flickering focal point while you dine and share a bottle of your favorite vintage. Whatever the occasion, we know you'll find the perfect style to match your outdoor living space.

  • Variety of circular or square shaped tables.
  • Natural gas or propane fueled!
  • Chat or bar height style to reflect the tone of your table's surroundings.
  • Several fire safe materials to select from, including:
    • ceramic
    • glass
    • simulated stone
    • granite
    • steel
    • faux wood

Traditional dining tables are instantly transformed into the ultimate gathering spot when they feature a low burning, ambiant flame atop a generous sprinkling of shimmering fire glass! Please visit our Info Center for a downloadable fire table manuals.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, fire glass can be used with natural gas burning features ONLY. Fireside Expressions is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers. Some manufacturers offer specialty components (such as ventilation collars) that make the combination of propane and fire glass compatible. However, this is only offered with limited products.

  • Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it will sink to the bottom of your feature. Small pieces of fire glass will not allow propane to circulate, and this can lead to the explosion of this particular media. Even with larger fire glass pieces, there is still not enough room for the gas to dissipate from wind and other factors. Lava rock allows propane to dissipate and is the safest choice for propane features. (In addition, it is always a good idea to incorporate lava rock into the bottom portion of natural gas burning features.)

Give our backyard specialists a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more details on our trending fire tables!