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Fireside Expressions News Flash

Get the inside scoop on all the latest updates with Fireside Expressions!

Get the inside scoop on all the latest updates with Fireside Expressions! For information on all of our headlining products, important FIY articles, and company announcements, you'll find it here! We're committed to our customers and like to keep you in the loop as we continue to grow.

We are so excited to introduce our beautiful collection of landscape glass! This exciting new blog post tells you all about this gorgeous, versatile, no-fade glass mulch that is becoming super popular in the xeriscaping community! Not sure what xeriscaping is? We're going to cover that, too! These beautiful, shimmering colors will dazzle your outdoor space, guests, and neighbors. Join us and get some inspiration on how to decorate your front lawn, backyard, fairy garden, and more!

Thinking back on our blog post We're Better Than Ever! (February 6, 2017), we had just updated our site and gave our customers exactly what they wanted - more things outdoor. Here at Fireside Expressions, spring cleaning has come and gone, and now we've got some new improvements and products to show you! Come on - take a look around! We're pretty sure you'll like what we've done with the place.

Our returning customers will notice some cool and significant updates to the Fireside Expressions website! We've been diligently working to bring all of our patrons an organized, streamlined website with easier navigation tools, simplified product filters, and an eye-pleasing color palette! Check out the better than ever Fireside Expressions and let us help you turn your outdoor living space into the customized landscape of your dreams!