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For an easy way to incorporate a circulating system into your backyard feature, we have an assortment of outdoor water fountain pumps and pond waterfall pumps to suit your needs! These continuous running units are filled with an epoxy resin versus oil to avoid leakage. These affordable in-line or submersible fountain pumps will provide years of enjoyment with the correct maintenance. Seasonal storage and cleaning to remove scale build up will keep your mag-drive in pristine condition.

Check out some of the benefits that are included:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Choose from in-line or submersible operation
  • Foam pre-filter
  • Ceramic shaft impeller (this is what drives the water in and out of the pump)

Available in mini, small, medium, and large sizes! You'll discover that an energy-efficient, easy to maintain mag-drive pump is a terrific investment for your decorative backyard water feature!