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For the outdoor chef, a flowing arrangement of the culinary space has a huge impact on how food is prepared. That's why our freestanding grills are totally customizable to the needs of each customer. We have so many terrific add-ons that you'll enjoy "building" your grill almost as much as you will cooking on it!

Oversized burners give you the ability to barbecue many items at once, while additional accessories will allow you to be a culinary master! A pedestal or cabinet will keep your natural gas or propane grill head at a comforable level for you to work your magic. Choose to add side shelves, or go all out and add a griddle for homemade funnel cakes, a rotisserie for roasted meats, or a fryer for crispy wings! 

Rapid preheat, self-cleaning cooking surfaces, and electronic igntion are just some of the added benefits you will enjoy with these incredible freestanding units by Broilmaster Premium Grills, Jackson Grills, TEC Infrared Grills, as well as our own line. For TEC and Broilmaster grills, please visit our Info Center for downloadable manuals. We also have answers to TEC frequently asked questions!

Give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more information on these products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime!