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How To Install A Wood Burning Fire Pit

Follow these easy instructions to install your own wood burning fire pit and skip the over-priced professional!

 Nov 7, 2016  Fire Feature Installation, Fire Pits, Outdoor Entertaining

If you're one of the lucky folks who lives in a temperate region during the winter months, that means cooler weather to better enjoy an outdoor fire pit. Summers can be a bummer with 90°+ nights, making bonfires too hot to enjoy.

Luckily, Wood Burning Fire Pits are never going out of style, with the crackling of the wood, the smell of the fire burning at night, and the soft glow, fire pits are here to stay.

Waiting until the end of the season doesn’t mean you’re behind on backyard fashion. No one wants to miss out on the comfort that only comes from that authentic fire smell.

Skip The Over-Priced Professional

Building your wood burning fire pit is easy, and isn't heavy on your pocketbook. Our DIY Fire Pits come with an instruction guide, to walk you through each step more thoroughly. Keep in mind, not all of our kits are DIY, and if you opt for a gas fire pit, it is best left to a professional.

Placement Is Key

Make sure to pick an installation spot at least 10 feet from any overhangs and any combustible material. If you have kids who use the backyard, try placing it away from an area they usually play, as kids are curious creatures.

Check with your city ordinances as well; they may have rules about proper placement and will provide a list of days burning is allowed.

Starting Your Build

After purchasing a DIY Fire Pit Kit, and marking your location you can start building as soon as you'd like! Clean your building area of any dry grass, debris or other materials that may burn. Your kit should come with a fire ring, which will be the circumference of the inside of the pit.

Place the steel fire ring on the ground and circle it with your first layer of bricks. You can remove the ring once you have the right size because you will need to use our Super-Stik Mortar to adhere the next two layers to each other. Stacking the next layer in a staggered position will give your fire pit a sturdier structure.

Finishing Touches

Once the sides are built up, and the mortar is dry, you can place your steel fire ring into the fire pit along with a log grate. Using a log grate, as opposed to burning on the ground, lets ample air reach the undersides of the wood. Fire screens are a sound investment for anyone with children or pets who will be close to the flames. Wood fires can pop, or send off hot ash. Your little ones, furry or not will greatly appreciate the added safety.

Building Your First Fire

For those of us who want a fire pit, but have struggled with the technical aspect of starting a roaring fire, the teepee method works well.

Start by placing tinder (small sticks, dry leaves, and twigs) in the middle of your log rack. Build your kindling up around the sides of your tinder and leave a small opening to easier light with a fireplace match or long reach lighter.

Your logs are ready to be stacked in a "teepee" formation around your kindling/tinder pile. The logs will catch fire as the flames underneath grow bigger. Remember never to use gasoline or lighter fluid when starting a bonfire!

Now that you completed your DIY fire pit project, and your fire is blazing, enjoy those cooler nights with family and friends. Look up at the stars and relax. Your hard work is done, and will pay off for years to come!

Last updated on August 11th 2017.


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