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How To Throw The Ultimate Bonfire Party

Good food, fine drinks, great conversation, beautiful blaze! Let's get this ultimate bonfire party started!

 Sep 9, 2016  Outdoor Fireplaces, Backyard Fire Pits, Outdoor Entertaining

‘Tis the season of roasting weenies and toasting s’mores. But aside from the food, there are a few key ingredients you need to throw the ultimate bonfire party. Follow these steps, gather your friends, and have one heck of a good time.

Designate a Signature Drink

Having a refreshing or seasonal beverage is sure to make your party a hit. If you’re having an adults only party, consider the classics. A few that come to mind include beer, red wine, and hard cider. For a unique twist, try creating a signature cocktail that you can make in batches ahead of time. The Angry Bootlegger from Angry Orchard® is the perfect choice to help you transition from summer to fall.

If the bonfire party includes kids, make sure to have a few of their favorite drinks on hand. Apple cider and hot chocolate are seasonal staples. Or, you could create a kid-friendly mocktail that everyone could enjoy.

Serve a Smorgasbord of Snacks

It’s a proven fact – people love food. In our culture, food is a huge part of our social life and has become expected at most social gatherings. Hot dogs and s’mores, which are bonfire classics, will always be a hit. However, if you really want to please your guests, make sure you give them the right tools to roast these over an open flame. Whether it’s carved sticks or metal roasting forks, choose something that allows people to stay a comfortable distance away from the fire.

Pull up a Seat

At a bonfire party, almost anything goes; except making people stand the entire time. Guests will love it if they don’t have to bring their own lawn chair or fight others for a seat around the fire. Seating doesn’t have to be expensive. Some bales of hay or a few logs should do the trick. Arrange the setup so conversation flows freely and you fit as many people around the fire pit as you can.

Light the Fire Pit

If you don’t have a fire pit, you can’t have a bonfire party. Lucky for you, we can help with that. Fireside Expressions offers a variety of outdoor wood burning fire pits perfect for any backyard or campsite. From steel fire pits to DIY options easily built with stone, we have what you need to get the party started. Browse our website today to get yours just in time for fall.

Don't forget the invitations! 

Click on one of our free bonfire invitation templates below, save it to your device, and then customize it in your favorite program. Then simply print, and send! Have a safe and fun bonfire party!

Free Bonfire Party Invitation Template!Free Bonfire Party Invitation Template!

Last updated on August 11th 2017.


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