Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Where should I install my outdoor wood burning fireplace?

Make sure your fireplace is, at minimum, 10 feeet away from any structure. Make sure there are no trees or branches above your chimney. Always place your fireplace on a level and sturdy surface that can support its weight (see your fireplace's online specifications for this calculation). We do not recommend installing the fireplace onto the ground without having some type of paver or brick underneath. Otherwise, your fireplace may sink slightly over time. Be sure to contact your local code office to see what the codes are in your area, as some places have stricter code regulations on fire feature clearances.

Can my fireplace stay outside year round?

Yes. Your wood burning firepalce is made to be a permanent addition to your outdoor decor. It is made to withstand the weather, no matter the season.

What can I burn in my wood burning fireplace?

Please use natural wood only. Do not sue scrap wood from tables, structures, etc. That type of wood most likely has been treated with chemicals (varnish, paint, etc.) which can give off toxic fumes when burned. Do not put garbage or paper products into the fireplace. Do not use lighter fluid or gasoline in your fireplace.

What type of wood should I use in my fireplace? 

Seasoned firewood (that which has sat 6-12 months, allowing moisture to evaporate from it) is highly recommended. Depending on your personal tastes, there are many fragrant choices available, such as apple, hickory, maple, and cherry. Some people prefer hard woods because it will burn at a higher heat. Other people prefer the smell of pine, as well as the snapping sound it makes when burning.

Is there an easy way to start my wood fire?

Yes! We highly recommend our line of fully assembled, ready to use stainless steel log lighters. No need for kindling to ignite those stubborn fires anymore! Please bear in mind that this is a gas operated feature, so you will need to contact a certified gas professional for safe installation.

Why is my outdoor wood burning fireplace is smoking?

When the wind blows, it may enter the firebox, causing ash, embers, and smoke to fly out. Wind may sometimes blow down the chimney, causing smoke to exit the firebox. This is perfectly natural for outdoor fireplace. In the instances when the wind is not a factor, it may very well be the type of wood you are burning, especially if it still has moisture in it.

How can I clean my outdoor fireplace?

A mild detergent and warm water can be used on your fireplace. The hood and body of the unit can be wiped down as needed (use a damp, not soaking, cloth). The firebox may need the occasional help from an oven spray cleaner to remove excessive soot.

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