Tec Infrared Grills

Exactly how does a TEC Infrared Grill work?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at Fireside Expressions. It’s true, the absence of charcoal or large searing flames to cook your food may sound completely baffling, but the concept is actually quite simple!

Food has a moisture boundary (a layer of air and water) that, when disturbed, leaves it dry and difficult to chew. Hot air that is dispersed during cooking is the easiest way to disturb this boundary. Traditional-style grills use burning charcoal or gas to heat the air within the lid. As we all know, hot air rises. It then circulates around the grate and cooks your food. This type of cooking is also known as convection. What many people do not realize about this method is that the constant air flow is what dries your food out, resulting in tough and sometimes less flavorful results.

With infrared grills, a radiant glass panel sits below the cooking grates. An electric or gas element heats this solid surface and then transfers infrared waves directly to the grate and your food. Due to a higher heat output, cooking time is significantly faster compared to standard grills, and the lack of hot air circulation allows your food to retain up to 35% more of its natural juices. For an even more incredible flavor, the food drippings that escape to the glass panels below the grate are incinerated, creating an indulgent, smoky flavor that supposedly only a charcoal grill can create! 

What kind of performance can I expect from my TEC Infrared Grill?

Expect only the ultimate in precision cooking! Your TEC grill boasts a rapid heat-up feature, allowing it to go from 0 to 850 degrees F in 10 minutes! With this high performance searing capability, your steaks will be grilled to perfection every time. Should you prefer to smoke, barbecue, or slow cook your food, the TEC Infrared Grill can accommodate lower temperatures of 250 to 300 degrees F.

The stainless steel burners have been designed with even heat distribution in mind. No hot or cold spots, flare-ups or charring to be found – just superior performance throughout for a culinary experience like no other!

Are there any other benefits that TEC Infrared Grills have to offer?

Absolutely! TEC knows how difficult it can be to clean your grill, which is why these innovative products have been designed to self-clean! When you’re finished with your outdoor food preparation, simply turn your grill on high for 10-15 minutes with the hood closed. Food drippings are incinerated for a no-hassle clean up!

There is no need for additional sideburners if you have a TEC Infrared Grill. Cookware can be placed directly on the grate to keep your food warm, or directly on the radiant glass for a fast heat up!

Finally, TEC Infrared Grills have been tested and proved to use up to 50% less fuel than other gas grills, making them incredibly efficient, giving you twice the cooking time!

How long has TEC been building these grills?

The first infrared gas grill was introduced to the world by TEC in 1980. With more than 30 years in the grilling industry, TEC has built a loyal clientele who still have their original American-made infrared grills! With high grade stainless steel accessories and replacement parts, TEC products are built to last a lifetime!

Which TEC Infrared Grill is right for me?

We’re so glad you asked! Please give our outdoor experts a call today at 1-888-986-1535 and let’s find out which specialty infrared grill is right for you! 

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