Wood Burning Fire Pits

Is it safe to use my fire pit on my deck?
  • We highly recommend that you use your fire pit on a non-flammable surface, such as dirt, concrete pavers, gravel, or brick. Wooden decks are not considered fire resistant, and a fire pit can damage or destroy it very quickly. While some people may suggest placing a non-combustible mat under your fire pit, keep in mind that hot embers may escape and land nearby. Always remember the "10-foot rule" - contained fire features need to be placed at least 10 feet from any structure...your deck included.
Can my fire pit be used inside?
  • NO. All fire pits need to used outdoors in a well ventilated area.
Where is the best place for my wood burning fire pit?
  • Fireside Expressions feels the ideal place for your fire pit is in the backyard, with a minimum of 10 feet between it and any structures. Flowers, shrubs, and gardens should be at least 5 feet from your fire pit. When choosing the location for your feature, be sure to evaluate the area directly overhead. Branches and leaves can ignite quickly! Always place fire features on a non-flammable surfaces, such as concrete pavers or gravel - never on a wood deck or on the grass! Additionally, you may want to check with your local code enforcement agency regarding fire pit regulations.
What can I burn in my fire pit?
  • Natural wood is recommended over wood that has been treated. Chemically altered wood will give off toxic fumes and unpleasant smells when burned. Remember to never burn garbage or paper products in your fire pit! Burning refuse tends to "fly away" and may start a fire wherever it lands. Lighter fluid and gasoline are not suggested for igniting a fire in your outdoor feature.
Can I use different types of wood in my fire pit?
  • While any type of wood will do, we recommend using logs that have been able to season for 6-12 months. This ensures that moisture from the wood has had time to evaporate. Keep in mind that hardwood burns hotter, and certain woods like pine or apple have a very fragrant smell. Experimenting with different specimens will help you develop a preference.
Is there a faster, easier way to light a wood fire?
  • There certainly is! Fireside Expressions is proud to offer stainless steel gas log lighters for those hard to ignite fires. A certifed gas professional can help you connect a gas line to this tool so that you can experience the quick, easy lighting of a gas feature while still enjoying the ambiance of a wood burning fire pit! 
I have children. What extra precautions can I take to keep them safe around my fire pit?
  • We're so glad you asked! Choose from our selection of fire pit screens for your fire pit to contain sparks and embers and protect your loved ones. Of course, extra safety precautions should be stressed:
    • Never leave children unattended around the fire.
    • Please do not allow children to run and play near the fire pit.
Can my fire pit be left outside year round?
  • Yes. Fire pits are made to withstand weather conditions such as rain, sleet, or snow. However, if you want to sustain the life of your feature, we highly recommend protecting it from unnessary elements with a fire pit cover.


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