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Keeping Up With Fire Bowls!

Discover how the trend-setting Kardashian-Jenners have incorporated concrete fire bowls into their posh outdoor living space!

 Feb 21, 2017  Fire Bowl Tips & Tricks, Fire Media, Backyard Fire Pits, Outdoor Entertaining

Handcrafted concrete fire bowls have been gaining popularity across the United States, and have even found their way into the backyard space of America's most controversial and prominent family, the Kardashian-Jenners! Discover how this trend-setting group of celebrity fashion icons have incorporated these products into their posh outdoor living space!

Bringing the most comfortable room in the house to the backyard has been in vogue for quite some time. Everywhere you look, furnishings and fabrics are customized to withstand nature's elements. Whether you live amidst the arid climate of the midwest, the temperate palisades along the coast, or the periodically melancholy region of the Great Lakes, alfresco living can be accomplished! Designing this space requires some thought, and if you can afford it, perhaps the help of a designer with a flair for the outdoors! Gather up your ideas, measurements, drawings, and imaginations, and let's talk about some unique centerpieces and main accent points for your backyard space!

If you've ever binged on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' episodes, you must have seen their breathtaking home, in and out! It incorporates the rich details of Armenian palaces and remarkable beauty of Byzantine architecture. Shrouds of palms maintain the family's privacy when they gather round their charcoal-colored fire bowl, nestled atop a marbled surround filled with elegant ebony fire glass. The contrast of the bowl against the ivory surface of the sprawling veranda is perfectly accented with matching furniture. We can just imagine ourselves seated around this inviting fire feature, gazing upon the flames as they kochari around the fire media! 

We noticed that the Kardashian-Jenners adorned their poolside area with concrete fire bowls as well! They transformed these versatile décor pieces into extravagant planters and placed them atop wide, blunt pillars embellished with mosaic tile accents. Filled with decorative stone and lush foliage, they look quite stately against the gorgeous California landscape. This design cries out "paradise" in every sense of the word!

If you're on a budget, you can still create the lifestyle you've always dreamed of living! Fireside Expressions makes it really easy with our collection of fire bowls! Concrete is an ideal choice for outdoor décor because of it's durability. We have taken the handcrafting process to a whole new level with a state-of-the-art technique. When you select your fire bowl, you'll have the opportunity to pick from nine earthy tones to compliment your outdoor space. Our master artisans mix the color into the cement during the pouring process to ensure the shade is consistent throughout your fire bowl. 

No matter what decorating style you have embraced for your backyard, we have different sizes and varieties to suite any need - traditional round and wok-style fire bowls, in addition to square and patterned features (like our Napoli or Milano bowls), all at affordable prices! You can choose an individual bowl and select optional pieces separately to enhance your feature, but we also offer fire bowl kits that include a burner and installation components! We always recommend filling the bottom of your bowl with lava rock to within an inch or two of the rim, and then topping it off with reflective fire glass for an extra-special touch of glitz and glamour! 

If you need a little help getting started with designs, check out some of the ideas our customers have had by visiting our Customer Photo Gallery! Create an impressive statement in your outdoor living space that could rival the Kardashian-Jenner expanse with our concrete fire bowls! 

Last updated on February 1st 2018.


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