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Luxuries of an Outdoor Electric Fireplace

LED technology creates a realistic flame! Add a safe and cost effective electric fireplace to your outdoor living area!

 Sep 18, 2016  Fire Feature Installation, Fire Media, Outdoor Fireplaces, All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems, Outdoor Entertaining

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, no hassle way to enhance your outdoor entertainment space year round, look no further than an electric fireplace. They’re easy to set up and use LED technology to create a realistic flame, making electric fireplaces safer and more cost effective for your home. Fireside Expressions carries this linear fireplace made by Amantii, The contemporary, slim unit features a full-frame viewing area in four different sizes. But, there are many other benefits to this linear fireplace beside its aesthetic appeal. Here’s why you should consider adding an electric fireplace to your backyard:

Easy to Install

While installation details vary depending on the space and fireplace you select, most electric fireplaces come ready to plug in. Most models are designed to be built-in and allow for the finishing material to be built right up to the glass edge or, the included surround can be used as an alternate finish option. The best part? There is no need to have a certified gas technician install it and you won’t spend hours outside chopping wood.

Safe to Use

Smoke, sparks, or gas leaks are not a concern with electric fireplaces. The LED flame operates with out without heat, so you can protect curious pets or little ones. Also, since there isn’t a real flame, you don’t have to worry about your state’s no burn laws put in place to protect the environment. Also, most new models of outdoor electric fireplace, like the Amantii linear fireplace, are safe to use indoors. Just make sure you aren’t using it as your primary heat source.

Even Better to Look At

Aside from the contemporary appeal of the slim design with clean lines and ambient flames, there’s a lot to love about the look of a linear electric fireplace. The massive glass viewing area makes it easy for everyone to see the fire. Not only is the flame vibrant, but the color can change from purple, to rose, to orange, and yellow with the click of a button. That’s right – electric fireplaces are controlled with a remote. You can control the flame and heater without ever leaving your seat.

Last updated on September 18th 2016.


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