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Our push button fire pit ignition systems are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts! Equipped with flame sensing technology and assembled in a stainless steel control box, these devices are versatile, safe, and easy to use! Simply push the ignitor button to light a spark, then manually turn a knob to adjust the height of the flames. These systems utilize a standing pilot with thermocouple interaction to safely and efficiently control the gas flow. 

Check out some of the benefits that these gas fire pit ignition systems have to offer:

  • 36" pilot assembly.
  • Compatible with natural gas and propane.
  • A blowout box and a flex line are included. 
  • Standard capacity module has a BTU rating of 90,000 max!
  • High capacity module has a BTU rating of 140,000 (natural gas) or 120,000 (propane)!
  • Both standard and high capacity devices are safe to use with a variety of burner shapes (we give you a list of recommended sizes).

Get one of these must-have fire pit push button ignition systems for your outdoor fire accent for a safe and fuel-conservative way to enjoy the flames!