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Outdoor Entertaining

Great ideas, tips, and techniques to make your next backyard social gathering a hit!

Outdoor entertaining is always so much fun! But sometimes it's hard to figure out where to start. Let Fireside Expressions help out with some great ideas, tips, and techniques to make your next backyard social gathering a hit! 

Ok, so we know that we've covered this concept in a blog post from last year, but who doesn't like to throw a party now and then? And if you're like those of us who live in the upper northeastern part of the United States, you are not ready to say goodbye to summer yet! While we're still getting plenty of decent weather and warm temperatures, now is the perfect time to welcome fall with a fun weekend bonfire party! We're going to show you how with helpful tips and 3 FREE invitation templates!

Fireside Expressions hopes you've had a fantastic summer full of backyard BBQs, dips in the pool, and relaxing nights by the fire. We've enjoyed all of these favorite pass-times ourselves; and truth be told, we're not ready to say good-bye to summer just yet! Labor Day is the perfect time for yet another outdoor celebration before the cooler weather is upon us. In fact, we've asked some of our hardworking American employees to contribute their favorite ideas for outdoor party activities so that we can help you make your Labor Day extra special. Here's what we've come up with!

We all know that a fire feature is likely to make quite a statement in your backyard. Whether you are considering the addition of a fire pit to the center of your lawn, or wanting to grace your poolscape with a monumental display of our famous concrete fire bowls, an outdoor living space is only complete with an accompaniment of dancing flames! 

There's nothing better than enjoying a meal that was cooked over a campfire! The delicious, smoky flavor you get from apple, oak, or maple logs is an indulgent treat that many of us look forward to all winter long! Whether you are pitching a tent in the National Forest over a holiday weekend or staying home to show your landscape some love, you can turn a wood burning fire pit into an oven with just one simple item!

Our sound reactive fire pits are making quite an impression on our outdoor living enthusiasts! They come with so many incredible options and amazing ways to enjoy your favorite tunes. Did you know that you have the ability to customize these pieces to your liking?? It's really quite simple: all you need is a marine-grade adhesive and a little creativity

Inspired by nature...created by hand! We’ve found some incredibly cool fire pit ornaments that not only keep the emphasis on “natural” and “rustic”, but also kindle a sense of flashy ambiance that not many other forms of media can compare to! We’re talking burning bushes, blossoms that emit a flaming core, and logs that sparkle and shine when they become engulfed in flames! The best part is: they are totally compatible with propane! 

We know you love your grill. We're sure that many of you have had your beloved barbecue for many years, enjoying meal after outdoor-cooked meal. We're not here to sour its good name. We're not voicing our opinion to shame its traditional cooking style. We just know that you've got a lot of outdoor living to do, and no one should be chained to one spot babysit their grill. When it comes right down to it, we know that you don't want to pick between flavor and performance. We're here to tell you that you don't have to choose! Convenience, ease of use, safety, full flavor, and robust power come in one package! Let Fireside Expressions explain how to get all this and more with an infrared grill!

Here at Fireside Expressions, we have plenty of expertise in fire and water features, as well as a pretty good handle on how to outline a functional and enjoyable layout for all of your alfresco needs. One of the biggest questions we have been asked about outdoor living is: "Can I mount my flat screen television over my fireplace?" If you are going to take in a movie or your favorite sitcom while the fire is going, there are some things that we really have to talk about. Fireside Expressions does not recommend mixing fire and electronics. While we prefer to keep these two factors a more than a safe distance apart, we do want to advise you of some safety precautions.

It's that time of year again! Many of you have most likely received all of your W2s and headed on over to your local preparation office or even tried out the recently acclaimed free websites to declare that yearly refund. If you're expecting a nice return this year, we have a terrific idea on how you can invest your money. Consider making some improvements to your patio or hot tub area with an electric Panorama Slim Series Fireplace by Amantii!

Handcrafted concrete fire bowls have been gaining popularity across the United States, and have even found their way into the backyard space of America's most controversial and prominent family, the Kardashian-Jenners! Discover how this trend-setting group of celebrity fashion icons have incorporated these products into their posh outdoor living space!