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For nights where the patio is beckoning you to come out and enjoy the gorgeous sunset, stay cozy with a radiant patio heater! This line of electric and gas Bromic heaters by Rasmussen is the perfect solution for keeping warm in areas that have stricter codes against fire features. Experience top performance, premium quality, sleek aesthetics, and uniform heat from the patented ceramic technology!

Availabe in many designs and options, there is a Bromic heater to meet the needs of both residential customers and commericial establishments!

  • Cobalt Smart-Heat electric heaters:
    • Durable construction, perfect for tight spaces while still offering precise directional heating!
  • Platinum Smart-Heat gas & electric heaters:
    • A popular, safe, innovative, and energy efficient choice that promotes an attractive and unique style!
  • Tungsten Smart-Heat gas & electric heaters:
    • Options galore with these corrosion resistant, versatile units for outdoor enjoyment!
  • Tungsten Smart-Heat portable radiant gas heater:
    • State-of-the-art design and performance with 300% more efficiency than standard mushroom gas heaters!

Give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 to find out which Bromic heater is the right choice for your outdoor entertainment area!