36" square pool scupper bowl in buff


Pool Scupper Bowl Concrete Square 36 Inches

Easy to hook up to your pool's filtration system, this pool scupper bowl will be a source of enjoyment for years to come!

Price in points: 33800 points


"Feng Shui" is a balanced, harmonious arrangement of your surroundings and the natural world. Many people apply this concept to the indoors for practicality. Fireside Expressions says, "Why not bring this approach to the outdoors, as well?" Our 36 inch concrete scupper bowls reflect the perception of relaxation with the "magic square" principle! Try adding one or more of these beautiful custom pieces to your pool for emphasis on pure contentment! 

Keeping with the idea of placidity, we have nine mellow shades for you to choose from. The color is carefully added to concrete and then hand poured to create an even tone throughout your feature. After it has set, a 2 inch hold is prepared in the bottom of the bowl so that you can easily connect your water line. Our concrete scuppers are weather resistant and stable. They won't fade from the sun's rays or become blotchy due to water splashes from the pool. You receive a water accent that can be enjoyed year after year.

Please call our team of professionals for more information or to discuss your custom designs. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Due to the heaviness of this bowl, w
e highly suggest having additional help when maneuvering it to the determined spot in your backyard. A pallet jack may be required.

Why do I need to call for a shipping quote?

Shipping rates differ greatly due to your distance from the production facility, how many bowls you are ordering, and the size of the bowl.

By calling us at 1-888-986-1535 to get a custom quote, we can get you the absolute best value available on any of our concrete bowls.


Air pockets are common in concrete bowls.

Air pockets (shown here to the right) are a common occurrence in precast products. Any concrete Phoenix Precast product can display air pockets - the frequency and size is not controllable in any way. 

Due to the fact that we custom make every concrete scupper bowl, we cannot accept returns based on ordinance code restrictions.

Click here for important information regarding the concrete bowls - read carefully before making the decision to use these concrete features in your outdoor area!

Bowl Top Diameter: 36 Inches
Bowl Base Diameter: 12 Inches
Bowl Thickness: 2 Inches
Bowl Height: 10 Inches
Bowl Weight: 215 Pounds
Bowl Material: Concrete
Features & Benefits:
  • Created from sandblasted concrete, this scupper bowl is durable enough to last you for many years to come - even through inclement weather.
  • A 2" hole is drilled in the bottom of the bowl to accommodate water lines.
  • Contrary to belief, these concrete scupper bowls are not painted. Color is added to the concrete mixture when it is being poured. This is good news for our customers - the concrete scupper bowls will not have to be "touched up" with paint in the future. Should the bowl chip at any point, the color would still be consistent. 
  • Available in your choice of nine warm, earthy tones - allowing a customizable selection to match almost any outdoor decor.

Estimated Lead Time

Please allow us 2-4 weeks, plus shipping to create this custom product for you.

Warranty Information

All cast products are warranted for 1 year from date of delivery against any manufacturing defect or structural failure. Small stress cracks and surface crazing are a natural occurrence in concrete and are not covered by warranty. Damage from vandalism, misuse, fire use or neglect is not covered by warranty.

Product Question

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information about this product using the New Question tab. Please ONLY SUBMIT product questions. For all other questions go to contact us,


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Last updated on June 8th 2017.

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