26" Pre-Cast Concrete Bowl in Saint Augustine acid stain with Natural White integral color

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Pre-Cast Concrete Fire Bowl Round 26 Inch

Natural White Natural Gray Woodstock Pueblo Clay Austin Buff
Acid stains are not opaque and will not fully cover the integral color of the bowl.
Mission Tan Terra Clay Charcoal Brown Weathered Onyx Avocado Liberty Rust Cayman Blue Saint Augustine
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Comes with 6 inch burner, flex line, valve, flange, key, nipple, and tape.
Price in points: 42500 points
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Enjoy a new and unique look for your outdoor living space with Fireside Expressions' 26 inch pre-cast fire bowl (main picture shown in Saint Augustine acid stain)! This exciting twist on traditional fire features is sure to amaze your guests and serve as a colorful and ornate focal point in your landscape. We have blended natural and sustainable raw materials to create a propietary product that is tough and durable, yet smooth and lightweight! Who knew that concrete could be so beautiful?? This affordable decorative piece is sure to make a bold statement to your poolside area or terrace!

Each pre-cast bowl goes through a manual wet casting process to produce a high quality product with incredible character that cannot be achieved by any other way. American artisans integrate the color of your choice into the concrete mixture so that the shade is present throughout the bowl. The color and texture may vary slightly from one bowl to the next, but this is what makes each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art! Choose between five shades for your base (integral) color, guaranteed to match any décor!

You have the option of adding a little distinctiveness to your Natural White bowl with an acid stain! This technique that enhances the fire bowl's surface with a marbled look. Remember - our bowls vary in texture and color, so this also means that each bowl "reacts" to an acid stain by producing its own individual pattern! Pick from eight vibrant tones to really draw attention to your fire bowl! We recommend finalizing your feature with a clear sealer to bring out the eye-popping brilliance of the stain (sealer not included).  

This 26" fire bowl is perfect for placing atop pillars around your swimming pool, or accenting the patio furniture you place around it to revel in the warmth of the fire. Let our team of professionals answer any questions you may have about showing off this bowl in your outdoor space!

PLEASE NOTEAcid stains are not opaque; therefore, they will not fully cover the integral shade of the bowl. Acid stains applied over a pigmented color will vary from the pictures shown. We highly recommend placing a stain over the Natural White integral shade.

  • 12" Round Fire Pit Ring Kit - Match-Lit

Our round match-lit burner is made from high-grade 304-stainless steel and is capable of producing a powerful 150,000 BTUs! Choose between natural gas or propane for your fuel source. The kit comes with all of the installation components you'll need to get your pre-cast fire bowl burning: an 12" standard capacity flex line, straight manual ball valve, chrome flange and matching key, stainless steel close nipple, a roll of Teflon tape, and an air mixer if you choose propane. Please remember to check with your local code enforcement agency regarding the use of fire features in your area.

  • Mini All Weather Electronic Ignition System (Mini AWEIS)

Don't let the weather decide when you'll be using your pre-cast concrete fire bowl. Our Mini-AWEIS (All Weather Electronic Ignition System) makes lighting your fire feature fast and easy. These ignition systems might say "mini", but they deliver big results! They can stay lit even in misty conditions!

  • Lava Rock - 50 Pounds

Your pre-cast concrete fire bowl will need lava rock to fill your feature, support the fire pit ring, and to look beautiful, of course! We have already pre-calculated the exact amount you will need for your 26" feature.

Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it will sink to the bottom of your feature. Llava rock allows propane to dissipate and, therefore, is the safest choice for propane features. 


Acid stains are not opaque; they are simply a surface enhancement. Therefore, they will not fully cover the integral shade of the bowl. Acid stains applied over a pigmented color will vary from the pictures shown. We recommend placing a stain over the Natural White integral shade ONLY. Please note that any chroma combinations chosen over the recommendations of Fireside Expressions will not be considered grounds for a return if the customer is unsatisfied with his/her color choices.

In freeze-thaw areas, sealers must be applied to the pre-cast fire bowl in order to maintain the warranty.

Please check with your local government agency regarding laws and regulations on outdoor fire features. We cannot accept returns based on ordinance code restrictions.

Click here for important information regarding concrete bowls - read carefully before making the decision to use these fire features in your outdoor area!

Bowl Top Diameter: 26 Inches
Bowl Base Diameter: 7 Inches
Bowl Thickness: 1-1/2 Inches
Bowl Height: 8 Inches
Bowl Weight: 60 Pounds
Bowl Capacity: Approximately 1 Cubic Foot
Bowl Material: Pre-Cast Proprietary Concrete
Lava Rock Needed: 50 Pounds
Burner: 12" Match Lit Fire Pit Ring
BTUs: 190,000
Features & Benefits:
  • Created from a proprietary blend of both natural and sustainable raw materials for a concrete mix that is designed to be extremely durable and lightweight!
  • Strong enough to withstand everyday use and extreme environmental conditions. 
  • A 2" hole is drilled in the bottom of the bowl to accommodate gas lines.
  • Contrary to belief, these concrete fire bowls are not painted. Color is integrated with the concrete mixture during the hand-pouring process. This means that the shade of any bowl (with an Integral Color ONLY) will be consistent, even if the bowl is chipped. (Remember: acid stains are a surface enhancement ONLY. In this case if the bowl chips, the integral color will show through in this area.)
  • Available in your choice of five neutral Integral Colors. Choose from eight vibrant acid tones to enhance the look of your fire bowl. 
  • Because our products are made by the hands of American artisans, slight variations in color, size, and texture may vary between bowls. However, this is what makes each piece unique!

Estimated Lead Time

Pre-cast concrete fire bowls are usually in stock and ship within 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.

Please allow us an additional 1-2 weeks of production plus shipping for any custom-made products.

Freight Shipping Information


  • This product must ship LTL freight and a signature is required for delivery.
  • Please be sure to inspect the all freight shipments carefully and note any damages or missing items on the delivery receipt.
    • In the event of possible concealed damage, customers MUST write "Pending Inspection" next to their signature on the delivery receipt.
    • Failure to write "Pending Inspection" on the delivery receipt will bar the customer from recovery for undiscovered/concealed damage, after the fact.
  • All deliveries will be common carrier "Curbside Delivery."
    • "Curbside Delivery" provides delivery made to curb at the end of the driveway.
    • It is not the driver's responsibility to bring freight into the house, garage, etc.
  • Drivers do not assist with unpacking, set-up or clean up.

Warranty Information

All pre-cast products have a 2 year limited structural warranty. Imperfections are part of the appeal of concrete products. Hairline cracks (1/16" or less) and slight color/texture variations are part of the normal appearance, as well as a result of the natural aging process of this material. The aforementioned will not affect the integrity of the product. Fireside Expressions is not responsible for damage to our products due to vandalism, gross negligence, abnormal wear and tear, acts of nature, or failure of supporting structures. Furthermore, these instances are not covered by warranty.

In freeze-thaw areas, sealers must be applied to the pre-cast fire bowl in order to maintain the warranty.

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