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Tips For Installing Copper Fountain Kits

Before you hire a professional contractor, check out this blog post! Many DIYers will be able to install their copper tree fountain in an afternoon!

 Mar 14, 2017  Water Fountain Kits, Copper Tree Fountain Installation Tips

Have you seen our newest additions to Fireside Expressions? Let us cordially introduce you to our line of copper water fountains! We have an assortment of weeping willow and elm trees, a Japanese creeping maple, and even orange trumpet flowers to adorn your outdoor space. We absolutely love these unique and decorative accent pieces, and we are positively thrilled to be able to offer them to our customers! 

Whether you are seeking to add the magnificent Sequoia, extra tall maple, or cheerful purple tiger lily flower arrangement to your outdoor space, these exquisite fountains are remarkably sturdy and relatively simple to install. In fact, if you're a fairly adept DIYer, you'll find that you may not need to hire a professional contractor to station one in your landscape area. Our kits come with all of the necessary components required to get these beauties up and running in an afternoon's time, including the Achelous AquaBox (with interior columns to support the weight of the fountain) that will be inserted below ground level. Each fountain comes with installation instructions, but we'd like to give you a heads up as to what you'll need to do as far as preparing your backyard to receive a copper water feature.

First, you'll need to select an area that is stable enough to support the fountain (such as the 38" Japanese Maple tree) and included basin. You'll want to choose a spot where the ground is not too soft, or becomes heavily saturated when it rains. Keep in mind that the combined weight of the basin and fountain are heavy, and you don't want to install them in a place where the entire setup could potentially sink. Next, there are some tools that you'll need in addition to the fittings, tubing, and ball valve that come with your kit:

  • shovel
  • rake
  • tamper
  • tape measure
  • level
  • blue painter's tape or spray paint (to mark the excavation area for the basin)
  • extra PVC cleaner/primer and glue (just in case!)
  • sand or pea gravel (filler)

When your kit arrives, you're ready to dig your hole! But you can't just dig any old hole. It has to be big enough to accommodate the Achelous AquaBox, ensure that the underlying ground is level, and allow for extra fill (sand or pea gravel) to stabilize the basin. Let's get started!

  1. The basin is 50" in diameter and 16" high. You'll want to dig a hole that is slightly larger than these dimensions (figure on 56" across, and about 18" deep). Using your tape measure, configure the diameter and mark it with blue painter's tape or spray paint. 
  2. Using your shovel, begin digging your hole. As it gets deeper, periodically check the depth (you'll need to do this all the way around). When you reach 18", use your rake to smooth out the soil. Use your tamper to pound the ground for a firm and level foundation.
  3. Add a thin layer of sand or pea gravel (about an inch) and tamp again. This will provide extra stability to support the basin and fountain.
  4. Insert the basin and check it front to back, side to side with your leveling tool. If it is not level, remove the basin and add slightly more filler where it is needed. Tamp, and then recheck with the leveling tool. Repeat until the basin is level.
  • (The goal is for the lip of the basin to be even with the ground's surface. Some of you may prefer to extend the hole depth by another inch or two for added preparation assurance. Once the basin insertion is finalized, if the lip extends a few centimeters above the ground, this is ok.)
  1. Once level, add filler around the basin to further stabilize it. This will prevent any shifting once the fountain is installed and operating.
  2. The Mag-Drive pump that is included with this kit does not come with any hardware. It has convenient suction cups on the bottom of the unit, which allows you to easily secure it to or remove it from the basin floor. When you insert the pump, you'll want to align it so that it rests directly under the stainless steel pump cover that is located on one of the AquaBox lids.
  3. Uncover the box and begin connecting the plumbing assembly to the pump. (As any experienced DIYer knows, it is always a good idea to have extra PVC cleaner/primer and glue on hand!) Make sure the power cord has been pulled out of the AquaBox before you close the lids! Finally, connect the other end of the assembly to the connection found on the underside of the square support (or piping, in some models) at the bottom of your fountain.
  • Please follow the included directions - they are specific to your particular copper fountain, and will vary depending on the model you have chosen.
  1. Add water to your Aqua Box per the Mag-Drive pump's instructions. Start the unit to confirm that it is running appropriately. Adjust the flow rate via the ball valve.
  2. Cover the entire unit with decorative river rock. Many hardware stores or landscapers carry a variety of outdoor media to suit your tastes. We recommend covering your basin with 200 lbs. of rock (not included with the kit). Use your hands to arrange and cover the basin lids and the fountain's square support or piping. For a finishing touch, smaller landscape rock or mulch can be added to the outer perimeter to hide the lip of the AquaBox.

Keep in mind: if you live in an area that sees a fair share of snow and below freezing temperatures, you'll want to design your fountain's surroundings (river rock, mulch, etc.) so that the AquaBox is easily accessible when it comes time to prepare for Jack Frost's favorite season! You'll need to pump the water out of the basin, as well as remove and store the pump for the winter. We recommend covering (or storing) your copper fountain, as well. This is just an added measure of ensuring the longevity of your truly unique water feature. 

Whether you choose the 37" weeping willow tree or another copper fountain, these kits are built to last and entertain for years to come. Having the satisfaction of installing one yourself makes them all the more enjoyable! Check out our line of elegant copper water fountain kits, today!

Last updated on March 14th 2017.


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