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USA Made Fire Pit Screens

If you're looking for superior quality and safety in fire pit accessories, we have an exclusive line of USA Made products that are unsurpassed in construction and safety!

Our fire pit screens not only keep hazards at bay, but also comply with local ordinances! These welded high-grade steel screens help prevent accidents that result from dangerous sparks and embers. Constructed from 1/4" x 1" solid steel flat bar framework and steel mesh, you're guaranteed an excellent product that is dependable and built to last!

  • Hinged safey screens - available in round shape with twin access panels; rectangular and square shapes with single access panels
  • Pivot-style safey screens - available in dome shape; clamshell style allows for access on alternate sides
  • Lift-off safety screens - available in dome shape

Keep your feature protected from nature's elements or snuff out the flames quicker with our exclusive fire pit covers and snuffers!

  • Dome cover - 18 gauge carbon steel available in 42" size
  • Octagonal or Round snuffer lid - galvanized steel plated covers
  • Round or Square folding fire pit cover - stainless steel with black finish folds in half for storage


  • Due to the sheer size of some of the screens and covers, it is necessary to transport these products via freight (LTL/truck) versus ground (or parcel) shipping.
  • These premium-quality screens are manufactured from hi-grade, domestic U.S.A. steel. Our homeland steel industry works hard to promote American jobs, while maintaining an environmentally compliant status. Instead of an inferior, subsidized product that will fail to meet your expectations, you are getting a work of excellence - fabricated by American hands, utilizing materials that meet high standards. The supreme value of these screens and covers is well worth the investment!

Performance, durability, and stylish good looks in one package! Get the premium quality, American-made accessories for your fire pit today!


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