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Copper is a beautiful and durable material. We love the fact that so many of our outdoor products are fabricated from this brilliant metal. Over time, with constant exposure to the environmental elements, the natural oxidation process will encourage an aqua-tinged patina to form on the surface of your copper feature. A lot of our customers love the old-world look that this coating exudes. However, there are also those that prefer the shimmery, auburn appearance that this metal is known for. In order to restore copper to its original sheen and maintain its gorgeous look, simply utilize some everyday "staples" that you probably have inside your pantry or fridge! 

Whether you are seeking to add a magnificent tree or cheerful flower arrangement to your outdoor space, our exquisite copper water fountains are remarkably sturdy and relatively simple to install. In fact, if you're a fairly adept DIYer, you'll find that you may not need to hire a professional contractor to station one in your landscape area. Let Fireside Expressions walk you through some basic how-to information so that you can prepare your landscape to receive one of these elegant treasures, guaranteed to provide years of enjoyment!