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Water Fountain Kits

It was love at first sight for Fireside Expressions the moment we laid eyes on these gorgeous water fountain kits! You won't be able to resist the creativity that will flow from you once you peruse through our collection of grand and unique fountains! Whether you choose to display one of these kits as the centerpiece in your outdoor living space or create a "secret garden" by tucking a spillway into the more secluded area of your backyard, a water fountain will be an extraordinary addition to any landscape!

Let's get the creative juices flowing! For your beloved feature, choose from a medley of options:

  • Assortment of unique shapes and sizes, including trees and large floral bouquets!
  • Rustic faux stone (concrete) or brilliant copper. (All flora & fauna fountains are hand made copper products!)
  • Optional LED or fire on water technology.
  • Cascading spillways are compatible with tap water and additional media (fire glass and lava rocks).
  • Self-filtering, auto-fill systems.
  • Manifolds, pumps, and controls for operation included!

We are so excited to find out which water fountain you choose! If you require assistance, our team of professionals can help! Call us at 1-888-986-1535 or Live Chat to discuss design specs for your outdoor dream feature!