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Weekend warriors, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts love our portable wood burning fire pits! For the luxury and convenience of relaxing in front of a fire at the end of an all day adventure (no matter where it may lead you), you'll be happy you thought ahead and packed this handy feature. Equipped with a sturdy carrying bag, these portable fire pits snap together and can be just as easily disassembled once they've cooled!

Available in different shapes and styles:

  • Round, hexagon, or octagon shapes.
  • Vented or ventless options.
  • Easy snap-together scheme for quick set up and disassembly!

Our ventless fire pits are made from solid steel, while our vented styles are accented with decorative cut-out designs. Each piece is protected by a heat resistant coating to withstand the high temperatures that a wood burning fire can emit. Safely contain slab wood, logs, and kindling while you and your friends enjoy the crackling fire. 

The next time you head for the open road, remember to pack your portable wood burning fire pit for warm and enjoyable nights in the great outdoors! Visit our Info Center for answers to frequently asked questions. Give our team of professionals a call at 1-888-986-1535 with any questions you may have!