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Fireside Expressions - Outdoor Fire Experts

Quality Products

Our products are of the highest quality as we offer you:

  • Fire products from the best manufacturers in the industry.
  • Fire bowls in different shapes and sizes.
  • Fire products made from steel, concrete, and copper.
  • Fire tables in different heights and shapes.
  • Fire glass in a large variety of sizes and colors.
  • Fittings, parts, and components for all types of fire needs.
  • Lava rock and river rock for your fire pit needs.
  • Wood burning and gas burning fire pits.
  • Environmental friendly fire components.
  • Many American made outdoor fire products.
Fireside Expressions - Serving contractors, designers, home owners and more

A Diverse Range Of Customers

We pride ourselves on having a large and diverse customer base, including:

  • Contractors
  • Landscape Designers
  • Home Owners
  • House Flippers
  • Businesses
  • Gardeners
  • Artists
  • Pool Designers
  • Pool Builders
  • Rental Supers 
  • Home Renovators
  • TV Shows
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Spas
  • Parks
Fireside Expressions - Years of experience and knowledge in the fire industry.

Decades of Knowledge and Experience

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, our employees are:

  • Knowledgeable of and trained in all outdoor fire elements.
  • Local customer service representatives - never outsourced to another country.
  • Always willing to help you plan your outdoor fire design.
  • Have experience not only designing, but also installing outdoor fire arrangements.
  • A dedicated team of IT people that ensure your shopping experience is easy and secure.

Summer living involves outdoor living. Your back yard becomes an extension of your indoor living area! The staff at Fireside Expressions understand this (after all, we love our poolside BBQs too) so providing you with the outside décor you need to make your space appealing is important to us! We’re always on the lookout for new fire products to make your outdoor living space as comfortable as the indoors. And, we already provide a wide selection of fire bowls, fire pits and even fire and water fountains if it’s a little elemental balance you want. If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your pool, we can even help with that.

Check out what we can do for you below, or browse our categories at the top of the page! Take a look at how we can make your outdoor fire décor stunning.

Concrete Fire Bowls and Pool Fire Features

Our concrete fire bowls are a great choice if you don’t really want copper or stainless steel. Modern outdoor décor isn’t everyone’s idea of beauty, and nothing screams modern more than a bright, shining, sleek copper fire bowl. Our concrete fire bowls are hand poured into casts and aren’t hand hammered metal. They also have a good weight to them and are durable if wear and tear worries you. After all, this is an investment and you want lifetime outside fire décor, not two years or four.

Not only do you get to look forward to a lifetime with your beautiful fire bowl, but there’s some versatility. Our round and square fire bowls come in a variety of sizes, and there’s also one other awesome thing we love—we have fire and water bowls that can go around your pool. Imagine it—hot summer day, reading a book while relaxing on a floatie, and then there’s a fire on top of water that’s pouring into your pool.

Regardless if you want a stand-alone concrete fire bowl or you’d like to purchase several to create a whole outdoor fire theme, you’ll love what we have to offer.

Copper Fire Bowls plus Fire and Water Fountains

Outdoor copper accents are great if it’s a modern feel that you want for your outdoor fire décor. The shine off of copper when the sun hits it really draws the eye to the fire bowl. Copper fire bowls go great with outdoor modern décor and with a fire coming from the top and a bed of either fire glass or lava rocks to complete the picture, your copper fire bowl will truly be the centerpiece of the area around it.

Like our concrete fire products, we can make a fire and water fountains! Life is all about balance and so is outdoor fire décor. With these products you can enjoy the sight of fire and the sound of gently running water from one of our round copper fire and water bowls. You can use one of our fountains to help create a peaceful setting—perfect for evening dinners and relaxing outside!

Steel Fire Bowls and Pool Fire Bowls

Concrete is a great choice in outdoor fire pit products, but so is steel! Stainless steel is becoming popular in outdoor fire bowls as well as other outdoor fire decoration because of its durability. Stainless steel can hold up against rough weather and a variety of other things that might damage other fire bowls. Plus, it doesn’t tarnish or become unsightly from age. Our steel fire bowls are made by artisans and are available in both round and square shapes so they’ll blend in with your outside décor pretty well. If you’d like to add a little more to your fire bowl, why not add water? Our fire and water fountains are ideal if you want your outside fire décor to have a sense of balance; with these, you can enjoy both elements in an artful, relaxing way. You can even put one of our steel fire and water fountain kits with your swimming pool.

We pride ourselves on quality, so when you buy stainless steel fire bowls and fire pits from us, you’re buying high quality stainless steel products that’ll last for a lifetime!

Scupper Bowls and Spillways for Fire and Water Fountains

A scupper bowl is a little more than a water and fire fountain. When we talk about putting your new fire bowl with water at the poolside, this is what we mean. A scupper fire and water bowl hooks right up to a pool or fountain system and circulates the water. You don’t have to keep an eye on water levels in your fountain or add water when it evaporates in your fire bowl. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Also called spill way bowls, we have them available in copper, stainless steel and concrete, so you’ve got a lot of choices in size, shape, and material. Fire is optional too so if you’re concerned about kids and fire bowls, you don’t have to have that feature. We’ve got some beautiful, kid and pet friendly spillway bowl options! Fire is in our name, but happy and safe customers is our goal.

Gas or Wood Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Fire pits are really popular in both summer and more mild winters. A big source of both warmth and atmosphere, wood burning fire pits fit into a wide variety of themes from modern outdoor décor to something more rustic outdoor themes. Fireside Expressions offers both gas and wood fire pits, depending on what you’d like to get out of your fire pit. Gas fire pits offer the benefit of quickly lighting and turning off, meaning you don’t have to wait for the fire of a wood fire pit to really get going, nor do you have to stick around and wait for it to go out.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting a wood fire pit has something gas simply can’t replace: the smell. Our sense of smell is the strongest sense we have when it comes to recollection, so a wood fire pit can be great for creating a sense of nostalgia for years past. With a wood fire pit you can have family outings around the fire pit and with the strong, unique smell of burning wood, you children will remember the good times for decades.

Regardless if you are looking for a more traditional fire pit or modern is your style, we’ve even got fire pit tables that let you enjoy your family meal up close and personal, but not dangerous, with a fire. We’re outdoor fire experts, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect fire pit or fire pit table for your lifestyle!

Water Fountains for Landscapes and Gardens

Our name is Fireside Expressions, but fire and water often go together. To try to give our customers more options when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor area, we’re introducing water fountains! You’ve read about our scuppers, but we offer more than just scupper bowls. Our water fountain kits have a variety of outdoor styles available ranging from ones reminiscent of a traditional bath basin water fountain to rock formations. For example, our Waterscape Fountain Kit combines elements of man-made structure and natural rock formation perfectly so that your water fountain is safe and sturdy, yet looks like nature put it there. We have some fountain kits that look more modern with LED lights and  fire while others look like a waterfall. Not one single style works for everybody and we like to provide our customers with some beautiful water fountains to choose from. We even have a DIY kit that’ll let the crafty craftsman in your family make you a one-of-a-kind water fountain.

Burner Systems and Replacement Burners for Fire Pits

While our fire pits and fire bowls are designed to last a long time, sometimes the burner system just can’t. Use, weather, and an assortment of other things can make it difficult to keep your burner system working as efficiently as it should and it may be necessary to replace or upgrade your burner system.

Fireside Expressions provides the best, highest quality burner systems and materials possible! Our most popular burning system is the electronic starter from AWEIS (All Weather Electronic Ignition System), which is a really reliable burner system when it comes to getting your gas fire pit to light. Though, if electronics make you nervous, we d have match lit fire pit burners that’ll cut out some of the complexities of a gas fire pit.

Economical burner systems are also available. With them you turn the gas on and manually press a button to light the gas fire pit, making it a good choice if you want high quality for a little less. After all, upgrading your outdoor fire décor isn’t cheap (and it shouldn’t be if you want quality products) so if you can shave a few dollars off, why not?

We have a huge variety of sizes and shapes when it comes to what kind of burner system would work best for your gas fire pit. If you aren’t sure just what you’re looking for, ask! We’re always happy to help.

Fire Pit Glass, Lava Rocks and Fire Bowl Filler

With our fire pits and fire bowls, you’ve probably noticed some rocks or glass that the fire comes off of. While often overlooked, it’s important to have some kind of fire pit media in your fire bowl so that your gas line and burner are disguised. After all, you probably want to see the magic, not see the mechanics that make it work. Our fire pit filler is made of top quality materials so you don’t have to worry about it not standing up the same way our quality fire bowls do.

When putting fire pit filler in your fire bowl or fire pit, you’ll want to use lava rock first to hide the gas line. Fill it up to the burner plate and at that point, you can apply a little decorative flare to your beautiful fire bowl! For a realistic look in your outdoor fire product, try for a gas fire pit log set. This is great if you want it to look like you labored over splitting wood. If you’d like to add a little color, try our fire glass! Sometimes called fire pit glass crystals, fire glass is designed to withstand the heat put off by a gas fire bowl. Our fire bowl glass comes in ¼ and ½ sizes and a variety of colors! Our fire pit glass even has a reflective sheen to it, giving it an added luster that’ll help your fire stand out even more. We even have colorful firebeads if you don’t care for the jagged look of fire glass. Whatever filler you want for your gas fire bowl, we can probably get!

Accessories for Your Fire Pit or Fire Feature

When decorating with fire, safety always comes first. Our fire pit accessories make it safe for you to enjoy your fire pit or fire bowl. For example, fire pit screens and fire pit covers help keep debris, like errant leaves, out of your fire pit when you aren’t using it. While a gas fire pit won’t have smoldering embers, you still don’t want a dry, autumn leaf to get caught up in your fire pit log set and catch on fire when you light your gas fire pit.

Lighting a fire pit can sometimes seem a little frightening. The last thing we want is for you to have a new, beautiful fire pit and be too nervous to use it! Our log lighters make lighting your wood burning fire pit easy! And most importantly, it makes it safe. Our stainless steel log lighter starter pipe is another great option and unlike our other log lighters, this one can easily be converted to light your propane fire pit! Our high quality log lighter products are designed to last a long time, so when you buy from us you won’t have to worry about the quality of your purchase, nor will you have to buy another one any time soon!

Fireside Expressions is family owned and we’re a small business. We’re American too and enthusiastically support American made products and hiring right here at home. As a part of our community, we are committed to supporting the economy and know firsthand the value of high quality products and happy customers. If you have any problems with our high quality fire features, please let us know. Your satisfaction is important to us because we understand that you aren’t a receipt number. You didn’t buy our product from a chain store that uses cheap materials and we won’t treat you like you did! Let us show you that you’re important. Thanks for shopping with us!

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