Damaged Item Return Request Form

Occasionally our customers need to return an item that has been damaged, malfunctioning, or was just plain ol' wrong. We at Fireside Expressions allow returns within 30 days, with some stipulations.

  1. All returns or exchanges must be arranged through our Customer Service Department by filing out a return request form.
  2. Only electronically filed returns will be considered.
  3. Products shipped back to firesidexpressions.com without an authorized RMA number will be refused.
  4. Custom orders due to their uniqueness, cannot be returned.

Due to a large amount of abuse of our return system, we have had to impliment these stipulations. We're sorry if they inconvenience you, but they are neccessary if we are going to continue to keep our prices affordable for our customers.

Thank you for understanding.

Please read our Return Policies before filling out your form.

If you are having trouble with this process and would like to speak to a customer service representative, please call us at
1-888-986-1535. Please keep in mind we will NOT take any merchandise back until this from is filled out.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,

Your Fireside Expressions Team



Every parcel is subject to strains such as shaking, vibrations, and pressure during transport. Please use proper packaging:

1) Inner packaging: provides padding, secures the product, and ensures space between the contents and outer packaging. It is important that pressure-sensitive and fragile contents never touch the outer packaging or other contents directly. 

The more fragile the product, the more important it is to have the proper inner packaging (higher-quality shipping cartons are not substitutes). Make sure that there is a thick layer of padding around each item. Packaging shops offer a wide selection of various padding materials, such as:

  • corrugated cardboard and tubes
  • bubble wrap
  • foam plastics
  • padding materials

2) Outer packaging: make sure the shipping carton is the right size (contents plus padding) and is sufficiently stable to withstand pressure and shaking. Depending on the contents' weight, fragility and size you can use:

  • corrugated cardboard boxes
  • rigid cardboard boxes
  • flexible plastic wrapping sheets
  • dispatch envelopes (padded or reinforced)

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to reuse packaging, the box's stability may be considerably reduced. Therefore, check the package for tears, dimples, dents, or perforations. Please do not use any damaged packaging.

3) Secure sealing: the heavier or larger your item is, the stronger the sealing material should be to protect the contents during transport and to prove they have not been tampered with. Self-adhesive packaging tape works well. In addition, you can secure your parcels by using a plastic band or by tying heavy string around them. Please do not use paper masking tape, narrow sticky tape, insulation tape, or paper labels ton sealing items. 



1) Use A Pallet:

It is important to place your package(s) on a pallet to prevent damage. Remember to first box up all items according to the guidelines above. Stack your larger boxes on the pallet first, and smaller boxes on top.

2) Secure Your Load:

The the pallet should be wider and longer than any of the items on it. You should be able to see the outside edges of the pallet on all sides. All items should be secured to the pallet (both front-to-back and left-to-right) using heavy duty strapping material.


3) Wrap It Up:

For pallets consisting of more than one box, please bundle all packages in stretch wrap after they are strapped to the pallet. 

4) Identify Your Load:

Finally, a large shipping label should be placed on each pallet that states the shipping address, the pallet number, and the total number of pallets. The labels should be large enough to read clearly from several feet away.

Last updated on January 6th 2017.