Rough In Guide - Fire Rings

Rough In Guide for Fire Rings

(Please make sure that your certified gas professional receives this information prior to Rough In.)


1. Gas Line Size: The size of the gas line connecting a fuel source to a fire feature is determined by the line length, as well as the consumption rate of the fire ring. Pressure within the line also plays an important factor. We highly recommend that a certified gas professional set the gas pressure for all liquid propane (LP) applications and further advise the homeowner as to which adjustments are appropriate. Pressure for natural gas (NG) applications are set at the meter and cannot be changed; homeowners will have little or no control over this factor.


Gas Consumption Rate (BTU/hr) for standard and high capacity (HC) fire rings:
Fire Ring Size Gas Consumption (BTU/hr)
Tiki, VFM*, and 6" 25,000
12" 45,000
18" 75,000
24" 125,000
30" 150,000
30" HC 175,000
36" HC 250,000
48" HC 300,000

*VFM = Vulcan Fire Module


Gas Line Length: consumption rate (BTU/hr) that is delivered over a certain distance. Example: 1 inch diameter gas line that is 80 feet long delivers 210,000 BTU/hr to the fire ring.
Pipe Size (in) Pipe Length (ft) - from fuel source to feature
10 20 40 80 150 300
1/2 132K 93K 66K 46K 34K 24K
3/4 300K 210K 150K 105K 77K 55K
1 600K 425K 300K 210K 155K 110K
1-1/4 1320K 934K 660K 466K 340K 240K
1-1/2 2045K 1445K 1020K 720K 525K 375K
2 4130K 2920K 2060K 1460K 1060K 750K

PLEASE NOTE: Fireside Expressions offers a stainless steel, whistle-free flexible gas line with our products. This product will not produce the loud whistling sound often heard with standard flex lines while the fire feature is running. We stand behind our word and believe that using this whistle-free version will allow more ways for the gas line to approach the feature.

2. Manual Gas Shut-off: Fire codes require a manual gas shutoff to be within 6 feet of the fire feature, regardless of the ignition type (electronic, manual spark, match lit). There are different styles of shut-off valves, including:

  • ball valve
  • 1/4-turn key valve 
  • key valve 

Fireside Expressions offers both the ball and 1/4-turn key valves for your manual gas shut-off, allowing you more control over the flame height and gas flow versus a standard key valve (which we do not recommend). Depending on how a fire feature is mounted, the location of the shut-off valve will vary. Click on the diagram for a complete illustration of the most common options for configuring valve accessibility.

3. Drainage: Fireside Expressions recommends planning ahead for this portion of the installation process, regardless of the ignition system that will be used. A drain line in the form of plumbing, or 2-3 holes (larger than 1/2") drilled toward the lower side of the bowl are the preferred methods.

4. Final Connection: Connecting the last few feet of the gas line are a crucial part of fire feature installation. When positioned in accordance with Fireside Expressions' recommendations, the process should go smoothly. If fire features are mounted atop a pedestal or other surface, for example, a coupling must be added to the gas line just below the surface of the chosen fixture. Just above the surface and at the end of the line, a short nipple with a cap should be placed. Keep in mind that the nipple should fit snugly, but never be more than finger tight! This way, if the pipe nipple needs to be altered in the future, it will be much easier to remove. This simple plumbing revision can make a world of difference when it comes to installing fire features (click on the diagram below for more details).



1. All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) Transformers: no less than one (1) supplied transformer (24V by 50VA) per each ONE (1) AWEIS being installed. 

2. Tiki Torch/Vulcan Fire Module Transformers: no less than one (1) supplied transformer (24V by 75VA) per each TWO (2) Tiki Torches or Vulcan Fire Modules being installed.

3. Wire Gauge: Fireside Expressions highly recommends using a minimum 12 gauge wire.

4. "Daisy Chaining": when connecting your Fireside Expressions features together, do not daisy chain more than THREE (3) features on the same home run. For home runs that exceed 100 feet, a minimum 10 gauge wire is to be used.


Fireside Expressions can be reached at 1-888-986-1535 for more information.


Last updated on January 24th 2017.