Submit Your DIY Plans

Submit Your DIY Plans!

  • Submit plans that you have for your fire or water feature, and we will help those plans come to life!
  • No matter your plans - whether you are building a fire pit, fire wall, fire bowl, or fireplace - we will help you acheive your goals!

Submit your plans below!

Submit Your DIY Plans!

Fireside Expressions is here to help you with your DIY project! With a combined 30 years in the outdoor industry among our trained and knowledgeable staff, we are just as eager as you are to see your design ideas materialize!

Example of a customer photo submittedAlthough our outdoor fire features are relatively easy to install, sometimes it helps to have a second set of eyes and ears to go over your design configurations. Every now and then the smallest of details are overlooked, and that can lead to larger problems down the road. We are happy to offer a free consult for your project so you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly come installation time.

Drawing of customer idea.

Our team of professionals has plenty of experience in custom layouts. We know the best and easiest ways to make your fire feature stand out and work efficiently. Our group of experts oversee a lot of behind the scenes arrangements, and we even offer downloadable manuals and videos for additional assistance! Our instructions can be printed and distributed to your contractor, and the videos can be accessed from your mobile device for helpful referencing during setup and operation.

If you are new to Fireside Expressions and need help with installation but not sure who to call to get the job done, we can help with that, too! Over the years, our name has become one that contractors know and trust. Many have joined Fireside Expressions’ Installer Program and happily take referrals on a regular basis. Let us search through our contacts and do our best to connect you with a local professional in your area that we have previously collaborated with.

Fireside Expressions awaits your call! We are available to discuss your design specs at 1-888-986-1535. We look forward to helping you build the outdoor living area of your dreams!


Last updated on July 20th 2017.