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Stainless Steel Log Lighters

Learn about all the pros and cons and installation tips that are associated with these little stainless steel wonders!

Learn about all the pros, cons, and log lighter installation tips right here at Fireside Expressions! Put the kindling and lighter fluid away - you've got this handy device to do the work for you. Works as a propane or natural gas log lighter. Use it to light those stubborn wood logs, even if they are damp! We'll give you all the safety information and how-to's that are associated with our log starters!

Before the summer comes to an end, it's a good idea to check for problems and get them taken care of before your local gas professional is up to his/her eyeballs in service calls for heating appliances. Fireside Expressions is here once again to arm you with helpful tips and information on how you can check to see if your gas connections are in safe working order! We'll explain how to perform a simple test to determine if your quarter-turn shut off valve is leaking or not.