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Check Out Our New Look!

Our logo may have changed a little, but we are still the same outdoor experts you know and trust! Find out more about our new look and how we have always been a part of CJ's Home Décor!

Fall Weekend Bonfire Fun!

Ok, so we know that we've covered this concept in a blog post from last year, but who doesn't like to throw a party now and then? And if you're like those of us who live in the upper northeastern part of the United States, you are not ready to say goodbye to summer yet! While we're still getting plenty of decent weather and warm temperatures, now is the perfect time to welcome fall with a fun weekend bonfire party! We're going to show you how with helpful tips and 3 FREE invitation templates!

Happy Labor Day from Fireside Expressions!

Fireside Expressions hopes you've had a fantastic summer full of backyard BBQs, dips in the pool, and relaxing nights by the fire. We've enjoyed all of these favorite pass-times ourselves; and truth be told, we're not ready to say good-bye to summer just yet! Labor Day is the perfect time for yet another outdoor celebration before the cooler weather is upon us. In fact, we've asked some of our hardworking American employees to contribute their favorite ideas for outdoor party activities so that we can help you make your Labor Day extra special. Here's what we've come up with!

The Decorative Gas Valve Key

If you've been reading our blog articles for the month of August, you're familiar with our Gas Valve Assembly series! We've been providing information on the main components of a setup, starting the month off with an informative article on gas ball valves, and then covering all the details on escutcheons - what they are and how they work. Now, we're going to wrap up the series with a blog on one of the more esthetic parts (and must-have pieces) of your assembly - the decorative gas valve key!

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips

It's almost time! Are you ready to experience today's total solar eclipse? Here at Fireside Expressions, we are counting down the hours and minutes, and we know you are, too! Read our special edition blog for tips on how to safely experience the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse!

What Is An Escutcheon?

Ever wonder what an escutcheon is? What many people are not aware of is that this device appears in many areas all over your home, and don't necessarily have to be gas fire feature related! Let us explain all about what an escutcheon is and how it is utilized!

Gas Valve Check

Before the summer comes to an end, it's a good idea to check for problems and get them taken care of before your local gas professional is up to his/her eyeballs in service calls for heating appliances. Fireside Expressions is here once again to arm you with helpful tips and information on how you can check to see if your gas connections are in safe working order! We'll explain how to perform a simple test to determine if your quarter-turn shut off valve is leaking or not.

Introducing: Landscape Glass by Fireside Expressions!

We are so excited to introduce our beautiful collection of landscape glass! This exciting new blog post tells you all about this gorgeous, versatile, no-fade glass mulch that is becoming super popular in the xeriscaping community! Not sure what xeriscaping is? We're going to cover that, too! These beautiful, shimmering colors will dazzle your outdoor space, guests, and neighbors. Join us and get some inspiration on how to decorate your front lawn, backyard, fairy garden, and more!

Highlight Of The Week: USA-Made Fire Glass

We all know that a fire feature is likely to make quite a statement in your backyard. Whether you are considering the addition of a fire pit to the center of your lawn, or wanting to grace your poolscape with a monumental display of our famous concrete fire bowls, an outdoor living space is only complete with an accompaniment of dancing flames! 

#WednesdayWisdom: What Causes Black Soot From A Propane Burner?

Propane is an extremely efficient fuel source for your outdoor product, but did you know that if you lack the proper components during installation that your feature can display soot over time? Many people associate this black residue with the burn process of a wood fire, but propane is perfectly capable of producing soot if your feature isn't configured accurately. Join us for a special blog post on this matter and get a dose of #WednesdayWisdom!