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8 Ways To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Winter

Follow these 8 easy tips to prepare your outdoor space for winter! Let the outdoor experts at Fireside Expressions help you prepare!

 Oct 13, 2016  Fire Bowl Tips & Tricks, Fire Media, Outdoor Fireplaces, Backyard Fire Pits, All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems

Soon we’ll be tucking away our fall décor and getting out the Christmas lights and yard ornaments.  The leaves will be replaced with snow and the outdoors will be blanketed with a sheet of white. Before that happens, there are a few things that need tidied up in your yard and around your home. Ready or not, winter is coming, so do these 8 things to get your outdoor space ready.

Store patio furniture

Start by cleaning the furniture and any detachable cushions. Then, decide if you want to store it covered outside or in a garage or shed. For covering, heavy tarps with well-placed bungee cords work best. If you store the patio furniture inside, there’s less of a change that it will get ruined and you’ll have to replace it next year.

Install an All Weather Electronic Ignition System

There’s really not a more magical time to use your fire pit than when the snow is falling. In order to do that, you need an All Weather Electronic Ignition System. One of the most popular types of ignitions, this system ensures that your fire pit will light in even the toughest of conditions.

Clean out your gutters

Snow, rain, and melting ice can create an influx of water into your gutters. Make you have all of fall’s nature trash cleaned out of the gutters before winter hits. If rain or snow isn’t draining away from the house, it could eventually cause problems with the foundation.

Update your fireplace doors

If a fireplace cluttered with leaves, nesting animals, or damaged by weather, it really puts a damper on enjoying the nice warm fire. Hopefully you checked over your outdoor fireplace doors often while using it throughout summer and fall. If not, now is a good time to do that. You can even try out different looks and styles with Fireplace Doors Online’s virtual door designer.

Try out a gas log kit

Wet winter weather makes if difficult to use a wood burning fire pit. With fire pit log sets, you can get the look and feel of real wood without the hassle, especially if you have an All Weather Electronic Ignition System installed in your gas fire pit. Choose a set with more coverage to help shield your burner from the wind while giving the flame a more natural, uneven burn.

Cover grills and fire pits

If you don’t plan on using your fire pit over the winter, store it like your patio furniture. The same goes for your BBQ grill, too. Protect the units with weather resistant covers, especially if you plan on keeping them outside. Most covers are fitted, which provides additional protection from the elements.

Bring in vulnerable plants

Whether it’s your herb garden or flower bulbs, don’t let your poor plants die over the winter. Bring in any small potted plants that will need a little extra TLC until springtime. Monitor them to see how they adjust to being indoors and so you can give more or less water and sunlight as needed.

Turn off outdoor faucets

Remove any attached hose from the faucets and store them out of the elements. Drain water out of outdoor pipes and sprinklers to avoid pipes bursting when it gets too cold out. You can also buy weather-resistant covers that will helps prevent faucets from getting too cold.

If you need assistance preparing for winter, or are just ready to look ahead to spring, visit - your outdoor fire experts.

Last updated on February 1st 2018.


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