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Why You Should Use An All Weather Electronic Ignition System

Lights the fire in any weather condition! Simple remote ignition! Available in mini, standard, and high capacity fuel output!

 Sep 1, 2016  Fire Bowl Tips & Tricks, Fire Feature Installation, Fire Media, Outdoor Fireplaces, All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems

If you’re going to have a fire pit, you better have a way to light it. All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems (AWEIS) are the most sought after ignition types at Fireside Expressions. They are easy to use and will keep your fire burning during all types of weather conditions. With AWEIS, you can enjoy your fire bowl or fire pit even when it’s raining. These ignition systems are also ideal for hard-to-reach fire bowls inside columns or fountains, or for lighting multiple fire bowls at once. See why so many of our customers prefer All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems.

Make remote ignition simple.

If it’s pouring down rain outside, chances are, you don’t want to get out to light the fire pit. But with AWEIS, you don’t have to. This ignition system can be hooked up to a remote control or operated by a switch. So, you can stand inside or under your covered patio and still enjoy the glow of the fire. Even better, multiple AWEIS can be connected to the same remote or switch.

Light fire in the toughest conditions.

The AWEIS is tried and true. You can expect it to light in the rainiest, snowiest, or windiest conditions. See for your self on our YouTube channel. We submerged a fire bowl under water and lit it up in no time.

Fuel any capacity.

No matter what kind of fire feature you’re trying to light, we’ve got you covered. Fireside Expressions sells four AWEIS models, including mini, standard, high capacity, and commercial grade.

This ignition system works with both natural gas and propane fire pits, but it does require electricity to function. You can also use media like lava rock and fireglass with AWEIS, but make sure to read the owner’s manual for recommended depth and coverage. Despite being extremely durable, these ignition systems require regular maintenance checks to keep them in working order.

Are you ready to enjoy your fire pit in even the ugliest of weather? Check out our DIY Fire Pit Parts category for more information on AWEIS!

Last updated on February 1st 2018.


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