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Maintaining Your Concrete Fire Bowl Through The Winter

Step by step directions on how to properly care for your concrete fire bowl through the freezing temperatures.

 Nov 25, 2016  Fire Bowl Tips & Tricks, Fire Media, Backyard Fire Pits

Maintaining your concrete fire bowl through the winterYou've enjoyed the flames from your concrete fire bowl through the entire summer, but now the temperature is dropping and the weatherman is calling for snow. How do you maintain your concrete fire bowl so it will run beautifully for you next summer, as well? Fireside Expressions is here to help you get your fire bowls, pool scupper bowls, and fire and water bowls ready for a deep winter freeze.

Drain, Clean and Seal It

If you have a scupper bowl, you'll want to drain the water from your concrete bowl by siphoning it out. Once the water has drained you're ready to follow the same directions as our fire and water bowls, and our concrete fire bowls.

Clean your concrete bowl down using a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and just wipe it down. If there are areas with excessive dirt, use a soft bristled brush then rinse it off. Let the bowl sit for 24 hours and then use a concrete sealer on it. Once it is all clean and sealed, let it sit out in the sun to dry well for at least 24 hours.

Concrete fire bowl - caring for your fire bowl


Turn Off Gas and Electric To It

Make sure all of your gas valves are closed to your fire bowl, and if you have electric to your bowl for an ignition, turn that off as well. There is no point in having a standing pilot light on through the winter, so save some money and turn off the utilities that go to your bowls.

Cover It

Use a waterproof fire pit cover to totally encase the bowl. It should not only cover the top of the bowl, but the sides, as well. This will help to protect your ignition system, fire ring, and your fire bowl through the winter.

Your concrete fire bowl is a strong, durable bowl, but like any concrete, freezing temperatures and snow can start to add wear and tear to your fire bowl. Small cracks and concrete glazing are normal, but covering and maintaining your fire bowl correctly will help to keep your fire bowl beautiful for years to come.

Last updated on November 25th 2016.


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